Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Camping in Houses

I don't want to ramble on about how amazing my trip to Sweden was (although it was amazing!) so instead I'll just show you these photos. The basic facts are that it was a ten day Rotary sailing camp in Karlshamn, which is on the south coast of Sweden with lots of small islands (archipelago). There were sixteen people there including me, all aged between 16-19, and all from different countries- though there were two girls from Slovenia. These photos were all taking with my Minolta X-300 using film from Poundland.Listening to a talk about the history of KarlshamnAn old street in KarlshamnMe with Andrea (from Spain)From the left: Sara (from Italy), Britt (from Australia), Neža (from Slovenia), me, Andrea (from Spain)Britt cliff jumping!Neža on the dockBritt and Tereza (from Czech Republic)Swedish flags were everywhere!Me again!A street near the centre in KarlshamnTereza and Andrea after an unplanned 'swim'Stefana (Romania) and Robbin (Holland), so cute!The docks we sailed from each dayThe clubhouse- where we ate, learnt, and partied!On the train back to the airportBack in England

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Boy Girl Thing

Apologies for not posting for ages, I was in Sweden for that sailing camp I mentioned! It was so great, I may post some pictures soon. I have also bought several new things recently, some of which are in this post and some I will show you another time. In a few days i'm going away again with some friends to the seaside but only for two nights, so there should be a few more posts up within the next couple of weeks.

I'm sure the title for this post sounds a bit odd, but it's all I could think of to sum up this outfit! I have wanted this corset since I saw it on Amanda's blog some time ago, but when I had no luck finding it after looking in several H&M stores I gave up. Then a couple of weeks back I was buying jeans and saw this one in my size hanging in the changing rooms. Result! Even better was that it had been reduced from £25 to £3. I paired it with some baggy shorts to tone it down a bit, and also tied a jumper around my shoulders for some extra coverage! I don't know when I would wear this outfit but I really liked wearing it.

corset- H&M, shorts- Warehouse, jumper- Whistles, shoes- New Look

Despite owning three pairs of sunglasses I forgot to take any with me to Sweden, which I deeply regretted since the weather was pretty good! However this did make me want a new pair, in particular some cat eye shaped ones. The ones i'd found before just looked a bit too....weird, but these tortoishell ones ticked every box for me so I had to have them! You can also see my new necklace, a nod to the choker trend for a/w but not so dramatic. It's so simple and easy to wear with anything, I think I will get a lot of use out of it! I also painted my nails this morning but just took it off, possibly will paint them all red later.

sunglasses and necklace- both H&M, nail varnishes (from left)- Barry M, Barry M, freebie with Elle magazine