Thursday, 24 February 2011

Jonathan Saunders a/w 2011

Oh my gosh. I don't usually purposefully check out collections until they come out in the magazines months after fashion week, but I just found these photos of the Jonathan Saunders show on The Sartorialist and it is stunning. I would wear any of these pieces in a heartbeat!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Inspiration and an Apology

Let's start with the apology shall we- sorry I haven't been posting for a while! There isn't really an excuse for this, I just haven't had anything much to write about and don't want to bore you senseless with random posts. To be honest I still haven't got much exciting going on, it's half term and I have work to do but nothing seems to be happening, so I decided to just share some pretty pictures with you! I don't know the source for some of these so let me know if it's yours and i'll add creditThe Mullberry Alexa of course, just found out John Lewis sell them so I could get discount. If only I were super rich.... image from
Been looking through my wardrobe and it's a mess, some clothes don't even have a home any more! I think I need to seriously re-organise. image from style bubble
No idea where this is from, but I would love to just buy loads of artificial flowers and tape them to my wall. This is now included in my plan for my future house, along with a large wall covered in different old mirrors image source unknown I really, really fancy dip dying my hair. I'm almost certain it won't happen but I would love to have pink, purple or blue tips. image origin unknown I love the lavender, rose red and silver. image source unkown- tumblr somewhere I think
All of these four photos above are by Ann He, shot in film. I hope this doesn't sound awful but I do wish I had tall friends with long hair like this who I could use as models! Obviously I love my friends as they are anyway and don't want to change them one bit, but I hope you see what I mean! images from

Just looking through photos on my laptop and found this drawing which I did of my grandma's dog for her- I took this photo to put on here and then totally forgot about it! Nothing too exciting or fashion related but I was quite pleased with how it turned out, especially as I did it straight in pen so couldn't rub anything out.

Friday, 11 February 2011

A Day In Birmingham

Just a short post today :) I went to Birmingham on wednesday with a friend for a PR 'Masterclass' at Aston University, but this didn't start until 1:15 so we went shopping at the Bullring first. I'm quite proud to say that I didn't spend anything (except lunch), although we only went in a few shops and most of those have branches where I live anyway. I went in Forever 21 for the first time ever, and to be honest I was pretty disappointed with it. I had expected it to be really cool and exciting but it felt a bit like a cross between Primark and New Look i.e. a little bit cheap and not amazing quality. But then I got home and saw on someone's blog an amazing pair of shoes- from Forever 21! So who knows, haha.

dress (mums)- Topshop, cardigan- Topshop, boots (mums) Next, bag- Principles

Quickly snapped this in the Zara changing room while my friend was trying stuff on, it's not the most exciting of outfits but it was practical and relatively warm so it was good with me. Note the Tesco bag full of food, for lunch and the train home!

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Well I handed in my art coursework on monday, and tuesday (February 1st) I got given the exam topic- busy busy! I was so glad to finish my previous project, towards the end I almost collapsed from exhaustion because I was spending all of my free time at school in art and not sleeping too well. But hey ho, i've chosen the topic of 'Mirrors' which I think will be quite interesting, and to start me off I've done an artist study of Katie Lionheart. Not all of her photos, but there are a few where she uses mirrors. I had to be so careful with this mirror in the woods so I didn't scratch it.