Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Short Education

I mentioned some time ago that I was booked onto an Easter illustration short course at Central Saint Martins in London, and which was last week. However I don't think I told you that a couple of weeks back I got an e-mail saying that the illustration course was cancelled due to lack of interest- it was totally gutting and I was quite worried that I wouldn't get to do anything at all. But luckily there was a fashion design course running on the same dates, so I went to that instead! I don't want to bang on about it too much explaining every detail because it probably wouldn't make too much sense (parts of the course were weird for everyone at first), but I do have some photos to show you.
On the first day they were breaking us down to basics, so we were collaging onto A3 models using geometric shapes. The basic rule was not to make it look like a garment, because originally someone must have invented trousers so why should you just copy that? We stuck them all over the wall, and they looked so cool together.
My first attempt, using a theme of geometry (there was a list of themes to choose from).
Second one, the theme was deconstruct- don't know if you can see but the top triangle is all ripped.
I love this one, kind of my own theme but not sure exactly what that is!Did this one in literally 30 seconds when the tutor said to do a quick one before time ran out.Rather than stay in London I got the train out each day, so I would add things to my sketchbook whilst surrounded by varous business commuters all on their iPads! There was some gorgeous thick fog on the fourth morning too.

The actual project was based on 'Processes and Techniques', and we went to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A to do some research. It was amazing, I really recommend it! Not sure how much you can gather from the photo below but I based my project around anatomy and exoskeletons. I ended up with two designs, one of which I really liked but the other not so much. Hopefully I will have time to carry on with this project and develop it further, then I can use it in my portfolio!

Honestly if you are considering studying art or fashion I would really recommend a short course, it doesn't have to be at CSM but I got some great portfolio and applications info from them. There were 20 people on my course, including some french girls, a swiss boy, an american girl and a Japanese boy- lots had come over especially for the course! Everyone was lovely and it was just such an enjoyable experience, I feel that i'm much better prepared for apply to uni now and can't wait to finish school to be honest!

There will be a Royal Wedding post to come soon, I loved it!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Stripes vs. Stripes

Often when I find a great piece in a charity shop I will get it, but then not know what to put it with. This was definitely the case with this Karen Millen jumper which I found in a charity shop at an animal shelter. I'm not sure when it was made but it has a very 90's feel to me (maybe late 80's) as it's a bit cropped, so sits just above the hip bones roughly. This is an awkward length because it's too short to wear with jeans without exposing yourself, but a just a bit too long to wear with high waisted skirts or shorts. This morning I decided it was finally time to sort myself out and find something to wear with the jumper, and I remembered these trousers which I bought a couple of years ago for work experience. The jumper does still hang a bit lower than would look best so I tucked it in, and I must say it's a very comfy outfit! Ideally I didn't want to wear it with black because I don't think it makes bright colours look so good, but it's not too bad.
Jumper- vintage Karen Millen, trousers- H&M, shoes- Monsoon, bag- Mischa Barton

It is a little crazy I must admit, but also pretty cool! You can't see very well from the photos but the seams between patterns are turned outwards (if that makes sense) and on the right arm (the smaller stripes) the seam twists around the arm.
I love how well this bag goes with my shoes, the colour is almost exactly the same and they both have gold studs- a perfect match!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rescued Film

Several weeks ago, in fact probably months ago, my film camera stopped working right in the middle of a photoshoot. To say I was gutted would be an understatement, as I had bought film cameras before which didn't work and I knew my parents wouldn't let me 'waste' money by continuing to try and shoot film. So imagine how happy I was the other day when I randomly decided to test it out, and it was working again! I had only used about 4/24 photos but I wanted to get the roll developed to make sure the camera was working properly, so I ended up taking lots of photos in the garden and at Hunstanton. This is one of my chickens called Stella- sadly she was ill and died about 2 days after I took this.Can I be really vain for a moment and say I love this photo? Yes, I think I can. Especially after looking through photos of the sixth form ball the other day (I still haven't shown you photos of that actually, must do that at some point!), at which I think I looked awful.Various photos of myself and my brother at Hunstanton, which I took just to finish the roll really. They are a bit pale (especially the first) because it was too bright for the film, which was ISO 200.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Batoko Vintage Store

The lovely Melanie of Yes I Dress, a blog I only recently discovered, is running a giveaway right now, giving readers the chance of winning lots of lovely bits and bobs including a handbag, hair grips and earrings. To enter you simply have to go to her online vintage store Batoko, select your three favourite items, and write a post on your blog explaining why you like them. So, here is my entry! Why not enter yourself as well here, and follow!Oversized silky shirt in blush orange Okay well this is definitely by far the best shirt I have seen in forever. Obviously the colour is stunning, as it's not too bold but still not pastel-y, so perfect for the colourful summer trends. The breast pockets bring just the right amount of military feel to the shirt, and the floppy collar stops it from looking to 'sharp' or structured. I think the shirt looks great with shorts, so I would personally pair it with my high waisted blue denim shorts for a colourful beach outfit!Oversized purple floral vest top Again, the colours- wow. I adore the duskier colours in this top, which to me make it feel more autumnal even though the material and actual garment look summery. And also, the orange again! I think orange suits me much better than red or most other bright colours, because my skin sometimes looks quite red in patches. I really like how the top drapes when it's knotted at the front, so I would probably wear this late summer around town, preferably with a floor length maxi skirt (even better if the skirt is partially sheer and/or pleated!).Knitted pink cape/poncho with fringed tassels Well, I this is just the cutest bit of knitwear. I don't think I own any pink clothes, so this must change soon! The shade is lovely and dusky, and I can just imagine myself dancing around a campfire like a little girl wearing this and some pyjama shorts and vest top. (Well okay I never go camping, but if I did I would wear this!). I think the tassels just make it, I am constantly fiddling with anything hanging off my clothing (e.g. beads on scarves) so this could keep me occupied for hours!

On a side note after the 'official' entry, aren't the sunglasses worn with the vest top just stunning!? I really fancy some round sunglasses, though i'm sure that where I live I would be made fun of no end by various chavs. Hey ho, they can keep to their trackies and I will have the sunnies!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mr Newton

I just thought I'd share one of my favourite street style blogs with you, Mr Newton. I love street photography and follow a few different blogs, but some such as The Sartorialist just seem a bit too formal and 'high end', if you see what I mean. But this blog is so much more casual, the captions with the photos (as well as the photos themselves) are really lovely. Below are some of my favourite outfits, but there are so many more beautiful images on his blog. Check it out!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Razor Sharp

Today was the last day of school before the Easter holiday's so we finished at 12:30, so I thought I'd show you this shirt which I bought yesterday. I had seen it before when I was looking for a white shirt but I shunned it because of the shoulders- as you can see in the pictures below they are very pointy! However Topshop have a sale on right now and it was reduced to £3, and as I seem to really like white things right now I just couldn't leave it. It is a size 12 so it's a bit big, but I discovered today that if you undo a few buttons and tie it up at the front it looks a bit less baggy. I'm still not sure that I'd actually wear it out, not like this anyway because I don't have the confident for tiny shorts plus belly showing! But i'm sure I can find a way to wear it that doesn't involve so much skin and still looks nice. Maybe even just putting a jacket on to hide the huge shoulders?
shirt- Topshop, shorts- vintage, shoes- New Look, necklace- Accessorize

Monday, 4 April 2011


I saw quite a few little boxes with individual butterflies in at an antiques fair a couple of weeks ago. I think they are really pretty, though it does seem cruel.I cannot stop thinking about hair right now! I have to get mine cut because I have awful split ends, but I hope it will grow quicker afterwards. I really want to dye my hair too, it's always just been natural which I used to like but I think it's getting darker and duller.Knitted swimsuits- not practical, but very pretty!These are the most perfect shoes I have ever seen. It looks like they were painted by hand (from the pots in the background)- I'm thinking summer project?!I really want a nice big watch, I haven't had one for years! These two are beautiful and not too expensive, but I'm not sure if I should wait until my birthday to get one. I don't want an 18th party, so maybe a bigger present........haha! I'm sorry but I don't know where these photos are from, I've just collected them. If you see a photo which is yours leave me a message and I'll give credit! The watches are from John Lewis.