Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Short Education

I mentioned some time ago that I was booked onto an Easter illustration short course at Central Saint Martins in London, and which was last week. However I don't think I told you that a couple of weeks back I got an e-mail saying that the illustration course was cancelled due to lack of interest- it was totally gutting and I was quite worried that I wouldn't get to do anything at all. But luckily there was a fashion design course running on the same dates, so I went to that instead! I don't want to bang on about it too much explaining every detail because it probably wouldn't make too much sense (parts of the course were weird for everyone at first), but I do have some photos to show you.
On the first day they were breaking us down to basics, so we were collaging onto A3 models using geometric shapes. The basic rule was not to make it look like a garment, because originally someone must have invented trousers so why should you just copy that? We stuck them all over the wall, and they looked so cool together.
My first attempt, using a theme of geometry (there was a list of themes to choose from).
Second one, the theme was deconstruct- don't know if you can see but the top triangle is all ripped.
I love this one, kind of my own theme but not sure exactly what that is!Did this one in literally 30 seconds when the tutor said to do a quick one before time ran out.Rather than stay in London I got the train out each day, so I would add things to my sketchbook whilst surrounded by varous business commuters all on their iPads! There was some gorgeous thick fog on the fourth morning too.

The actual project was based on 'Processes and Techniques', and we went to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A to do some research. It was amazing, I really recommend it! Not sure how much you can gather from the photo below but I based my project around anatomy and exoskeletons. I ended up with two designs, one of which I really liked but the other not so much. Hopefully I will have time to carry on with this project and develop it further, then I can use it in my portfolio!

Honestly if you are considering studying art or fashion I would really recommend a short course, it doesn't have to be at CSM but I got some great portfolio and applications info from them. There were 20 people on my course, including some french girls, a swiss boy, an american girl and a Japanese boy- lots had come over especially for the course! Everyone was lovely and it was just such an enjoyable experience, I feel that i'm much better prepared for apply to uni now and can't wait to finish school to be honest!

There will be a Royal Wedding post to come soon, I loved it!

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