Sunday, 27 March 2011

That Mysterious Material

This is the outfit which I wore yesterday before the school ball. I bought the shorts on thursday after much debating in my head about whether to or not- they were £15 which I think is a good price and I adore the shape. The fabric feels like a cross between suede and silk (I know, that sounds very weird), so they are really light and comfy too. This girl in the hairdressers actually said to me that she loved them and asked where I got them- they must be good! I've owned the shirt for about two years but have never worn it because it just didn't seem right, but I think that the colours work well together. I don't know if you can tell from the photos but the shirt is navy blue with small lilac polka dots. Normally I would wear a plain long sleeved top or body suit with anything high waisted, but I took these photos just before I left to get my hair done for the ball so I needed to wear something which didn't go over my head!

shorts- H&M, shirt- Tesco, shoes- Topshop, bag- Grandma's, necklace- Accessorize, tights- White Stuff

P.s. I love how my hair looks here, the naturally blonde highlights stand out so nicely. I'm still considering dip dyeing my hair a sort of blonde/ombre colour.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Black Swan

Just a little post to show you some photos I took a while back for my art project, based on the concept of Black Swan. One the most fun photoshoots I've ever done as my best friends came along to help me with carrying things etc, and we were on the stage in the school hall so it was quite cool!
This isn't one of the photos I used in the end because it didn't fit in with the concept so well, but it's crazy how strong ballet dancers are! Here the model wasn't holding onto anything at all, just using her own strength to hold herself up- amazing.

I have my school ball this saturday and then a friend's party the following day, so I'll be sure to take some photos of my outfits to show you. My ball dress is vintage 80's, I love it!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Vintage Shirt And A Handmade Cape

Today was actually rather busy for a change, starting at 9:00am when I had an appointment with the hairdresser for a trial run of my hair-do for the school ball in a few weeks. It took quite a long time because my hair is so thick and he had to curl it all first! Straight after that I went to Cambridge with mum (hair still all fancy!) because we'd seen there was a vintage fair being held there. It was really busy and kind of hectic but things were quite reasonably priced and I found a beautiful white shirt and various earrings (below). There were individual earrings for 50p and none had backs but seeing as I had spares at home anyway I got a couple; I especially love the green one in the photo below. The shirt has pleats down the front and is slightly sheer, but the best part is the embroidery around the collar and cuffs! I honestly could not believe my luck, I've been searching on the high street for quite a while now for a nice white shirt but none of them have been good enough. And this beauty only cost me £8!
When I got home I went out for a while to take photos of my finished textiles project, for which I made a cape. The deadline is on friday so i'm glad to have completed the actual garment but I still have lots of coursework to do- it's going to be a bit hit and miss as to whether anyone in my class gets it done by then to be honest! We have already had an extension on the deadline once so it shouldn't be too bad. I had to take these photos for my evaluation and was actually surprised at just how warm and comfy my cape is! Sorry that there are lots of similar photos but I will cut them down more later. The cape is made from tweed with laser etched leather pockets, a suede collar and fur trim around the hood- the lining is silk which I hand painted myself. You can also see my new bag which I bought in Cambridge! It's lovely and big, and the best one I've seen other than the Mulberry ones. Thankfully this one was much cheaper so mum said I may as well have that for a year or so and then when I know what i'm doing in terms of university etc. I can always think about upgrading.

cape- made by me, bag- Mischa Barton, shorts- vintage, shirt- vintage, tights- GAP

Friday, 11 March 2011


Last night I had to go to school to watch a production of 'Animal Farm' because my friend was acting in it (she was the goat if you were wondering!). I can't say I really enjoyed it much because I was very tired and it's not exactly a joyful play, but I did like having an excuse to wear something more interesting than school uniform! I usually work on thursdays and fridays but I took the week off for this, which was quite nice though seems a bit of a waste of my holiday.
top and shirt- H&M, cardigan- charity shop, jeans- mini Boden, bag- vintage, headband- Zara, shoes- New Look, socks- H&M
I only bought these heels yesterday after school, because I had no lessons in the afternoon so went to town for a bit. I very rarely go into New Look but I had a voucher to spend from Christmas so I thought I may as well, and I fell in love with these shoes! As I think I've mentioned before I never really wear heels because I don't have an occasion to, and these ones are actually quite high, but they are almost a wedge so not too hard to walk in. I also bought another Chanel lipstick the other day because I wanted a more obvious 'going out' one. Lucky for me John Lewis were doing a price match so it was 10% off on top of my discount! Apologies for my rather patchy skin but I haven't been wearing makeup much this week, and even here i'm only wearing the lipstick and a tiny bit of face powder.

necklace from a vintage store in Norfolk

Monday, 7 March 2011

Vogue Paris

Just browsing around the magazine stands in WHSmith on saturday before a work meeting I stumbled on a copy of French Vogue- I knew that they sold the US version but I hadn't seen the french one before! The cover is beautiful too, i'm sure Vogue UK often has quite ugly or boring covers but this one is very cinematic; it may look like a blurry photo on my part but actually the cover image is all faded and pixel-y, giving it a vintage feel.
I won't pretend that I've tried to read much of it- I may have got an A in gcse french but i've forgotten most of it now! I have picked up that there's a much greater emphasis on art and exhibitions, not just fashion, and I saw a film review of 'Never Let Me Go'. I really wanted to see that film and was planning on going tonight with some friends, but it isn't showing any more- even though I swear it only came out around March 3rd! There are also eight whole pages given over to profiles of up-and-coming British designers (including Holly Fulton and David Koma) which I definitely need to work on translating at some point.
There were more cinematic photos inside, like the cover image, but my favourite shoot was this one below on a beach where all of the outfits were super bright and colourful. These make me long for summer so much!

I've been off school ill today which wasn't fun but I did watch Mulan and then Coco Before Chanel, which was kinda fun for a change. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get into town for a bit after school before my life drawing class (yes I know, it's strange but kind of fun, and definitely useful in art). It feels like an age since I went around any of the charity shops so I'd like to go there, plus I got a New Look voucher for Christmas which I want to spend! I almost never shop there but I have spotted some wedge heeled ankle boots which I quite fancy, if they have them in the branch here. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Outfit Filler

Just a little post for you today, hopefully I'll get back into posting more often because I do miss it! I already can't wait until easter and summer breaks because then I actually have things to definitely write about and I'll have more time for outfit photos- at the minute I just wear my school uniform most of the time and quite boring things at the weekend.

dress- H&M, top- River Island

I bought this dress last summer because I thought it would be good for lazing about in, as it's really thin jersey fabric and the navy colour is pretty versatile. Unfortunately I didn't really wear it much because I don't think it looks right with tights and we had a fairly cold summer! But the other day I went to town with mum and we were wandering around River Island (I forget why- I don't usually shop there!) and this little top was on the sale rail. I can't say i'm in love with the gathered sleeves because they are just so common now, but the fabric itself is pale pink, quite sheer, and with small pinky polka dots all over it- cute! It was mums idea to layer the two items together like this and I think that because they're both so thin it really works.

It's a pain right now that it still gets dark quite early because I never get to take outfit photos outside, but as it gets further into spring and summer that will hopefully change! My mum knows all about my blog now (she kinda knew before anyway, but she forgot) so I won't be so sneaky with my photos, haha!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

London Fashion Weekend

Last sunday I went with mum to London Fashion Weekend, which is basically a big designer shopping event held at Somerset house at the end of Fashion Week. There are five different types of tickets you can get, depending on what you want (entry, entry + showbag etc.); we went for the entry plus catwalk.To be honest the shopping wasn't all that amazing, some nice Michael Kors heels but I don't have any occasions to wear heels. Being the last day of the event it didn't seem too busy, although when we were going into the catwalk area there seemed to suddenly be hundreds of people- each seating area of the bench was tiny too! Someone called Zara (I think she's a presenter?) hosted the show- I absolutely loved her outfit and hairThere were four sections to the show, the first had the theme of 'Black Swan' so there was lots of black and white, and lots of lace and frills.
The next section were all designs by Bora Aksu- I have to admit some outfits did seem a bit dull but some of the dresses were really cool and looked kind of like they had body organs on the outside in an alien-y way! I didn't take photos of every look from the catwalk, only the ones which looked nicest to me.
The third theme was 'Colour Blocking', which got me excited when it was announced as I really like this trend. The stylist had chosen to go down an quintessential english route but with bright colours a la Christopher Kane. If i'm honest this was my least favourite part of the show because the colours weren't as bold as I thought they would be- some were quite pastel-y which I really wasn't sure about. Still some good looks in there though!
There was a big gasp from the crowd when this model came out....And so to the final section which was without a doubt my favourite- and i'm sure it was everyone else's too! These were a selection of Mark Fast's designs; basically lots of fringing (fringeing?), lots of cutouts, and everything was skin tight! Absolutely stunning, I adored everything I saw, although I wasn't quite as keen on the dresses with the big jewels on. I want multi coloured fringing!!
This was his wedding dress design to close the show. Quite possibly the most beautiful dress I've ever seen in real life. That model was SO tall though, which made her look even thinner!
Don't they just look stunning all lined up together!