Monday, 7 March 2011

Vogue Paris

Just browsing around the magazine stands in WHSmith on saturday before a work meeting I stumbled on a copy of French Vogue- I knew that they sold the US version but I hadn't seen the french one before! The cover is beautiful too, i'm sure Vogue UK often has quite ugly or boring covers but this one is very cinematic; it may look like a blurry photo on my part but actually the cover image is all faded and pixel-y, giving it a vintage feel.
I won't pretend that I've tried to read much of it- I may have got an A in gcse french but i've forgotten most of it now! I have picked up that there's a much greater emphasis on art and exhibitions, not just fashion, and I saw a film review of 'Never Let Me Go'. I really wanted to see that film and was planning on going tonight with some friends, but it isn't showing any more- even though I swear it only came out around March 3rd! There are also eight whole pages given over to profiles of up-and-coming British designers (including Holly Fulton and David Koma) which I definitely need to work on translating at some point.
There were more cinematic photos inside, like the cover image, but my favourite shoot was this one below on a beach where all of the outfits were super bright and colourful. These make me long for summer so much!

I've been off school ill today which wasn't fun but I did watch Mulan and then Coco Before Chanel, which was kinda fun for a change. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get into town for a bit after school before my life drawing class (yes I know, it's strange but kind of fun, and definitely useful in art). It feels like an age since I went around any of the charity shops so I'd like to go there, plus I got a New Look voucher for Christmas which I want to spend! I almost never shop there but I have spotted some wedge heeled ankle boots which I quite fancy, if they have them in the branch here. Fingers crossed!

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