Friday, 11 March 2011


Last night I had to go to school to watch a production of 'Animal Farm' because my friend was acting in it (she was the goat if you were wondering!). I can't say I really enjoyed it much because I was very tired and it's not exactly a joyful play, but I did like having an excuse to wear something more interesting than school uniform! I usually work on thursdays and fridays but I took the week off for this, which was quite nice though seems a bit of a waste of my holiday.
top and shirt- H&M, cardigan- charity shop, jeans- mini Boden, bag- vintage, headband- Zara, shoes- New Look, socks- H&M
I only bought these heels yesterday after school, because I had no lessons in the afternoon so went to town for a bit. I very rarely go into New Look but I had a voucher to spend from Christmas so I thought I may as well, and I fell in love with these shoes! As I think I've mentioned before I never really wear heels because I don't have an occasion to, and these ones are actually quite high, but they are almost a wedge so not too hard to walk in. I also bought another Chanel lipstick the other day because I wanted a more obvious 'going out' one. Lucky for me John Lewis were doing a price match so it was 10% off on top of my discount! Apologies for my rather patchy skin but I haven't been wearing makeup much this week, and even here i'm only wearing the lipstick and a tiny bit of face powder.

necklace from a vintage store in Norfolk

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