Monday, 30 May 2011

A Slight Obsession

Sorry I haven't been posting very regularly, I guess I have been using tumblr quite a lot because it's quicker to post there! However I will definitely still be posting on my blog, just not all of the time. Nothing particularly exciting has happened for me to show/tell you! As you can see, my liking of Dr Who has got pretty extreme:

These were free gifts with the Dr Who Monster Invasion magazine, which is awesome- although I still wouldn't consider myself to be a proper DW geek because that would be insulting to people who know everything about the show! Exciting news though; on July 9th i'm going down to London with a friend to a film con which Karen Gillan is attending!! We've both booked to get a photo with her, and we're also going to the Doctor Who Experience while we wait for the photos to develop since it's just across the road. The question for me now is what on earth am I going to wear?!

I've been wanting to make a large envelope clutch for a while now, and the other day I had the greatest idea of making one in Tardis blue and painting a gold '5' on the flap! If you don't watch the show then that won't make any sense, but I think it's awesome haha. Hopefully I'll have some interesting things to share with you soon! x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Having A Ball

I'm sure that I said ages ago I would post photos of my ball dress but then I completely forgot, so here they finally are! It's a vintage 80's dress which I bought from a fair in Norfolk for £25, worn with some long vintage gloves from a charity shop for £5. All in all a cheap outfit, which was good since the actual ticket was pretty expensive! The food was also awful, but that didn't bother me too much because this dress is pretty tight; I could do the zip up fine but it wasn't exactly comfortable. Whilst I know quite a few people lost some weight before the ball, if I so much as think the word 'diet' my body panics and I have to eat everything in sight!
The dress itself is navy blue with a v-shaped bodice, and the hem falls just above my ankles. The skirt is also navy blue but has black polka dot netting over the top- cute! Unfortunately the netting got ripped at some point in the night, I assume it got caught on something, but it's not like I'll ever wear it again anyway.This is the 'official' looking photo from the night, i'm on the right with two of my friends. Can't say it's my favourite photo ever, but oh well. The dress worn in the middle is the girl's mum's bridesmaid dress from her wedding in the 80's. Also, I just made a tumblr for those of you who are interested! I'm not sure that I chose exactly the best time since i'm in the middle of exams and should be doing lots of revision, but with any luck I won't turn into one of those depraved tumblr obsessives who go into hibernation whenever the site goes down (though this appears to happen to all users, so I guess it's inevitable). I will obviously still carry on posting as usual here, but my tumblr will be more of an inspiration board rather than me saving photos from across the internet.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sharp and to the Point

You have seen this shirt before when I first got it, but since then i've taken the fabric scissors to it! Since it was a size 12 it was too big and also a bit too long, and I wasn't happy with how unbalanced it looked because of the large shoulders. In the previous outfit post I wore it with the front knotted up and high waisted shorts, which was okay but didn't quite work. I decided to make it into a cropped shirt, but rather than a straight hem I decided make it slanted. It took literally twenty minutes- really quick and easy!shirt- Topshop, trouserse- H&M, shoes- New Look, necklace- V&AThis necklace is incredible, I got it from the V&A when I was on the csm short course for £8. It's such a great statement piece but it's also really lightweight, unlike some necklaces which are dripping in beads and jewels so are so uncomfortable to wear! I wore it on the last day of the course and both of the course leaders complimented me on it, so it's definitely a winner for me. You could probably make one yourself with a short length of fringing and

Monday, 16 May 2011

Slithering Around

I got very bored revising this morning so thought I would take a few photos of my new top for you (I also watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone due to my boredom, but that's a separate matter). I bought it last friday, when I was browsing Topshop before work because I wanted some new sunglasses. I am going to return the sunglasses this week because they are too big, but whilst I was wandering around I stumbled on this top. It was the snakeskin print which first attracted me, and I really like how it's slightly sheer- although I must admit I didn't realise just how sheer until I looked at these photos!top- Topshop, trousers- Mini Boden, boots/bag/bangle- charity shops

As you can see the arm holes are very low which means your bra is completely on show, so generally I would pair this with a plain vest top or long sleeved top. What I really like is how the top is so floaty and feminine, but the snakeskin print makes it feel way edgier.

I'd quite like to get some new jeans soon, I fancy a skinny black pair because these are quite blue. I'd love to get a different style of jean but because i'm only 5'3" they don't really suit me, so i'll just have to stick with the skinnies! In my dream world I'd love to own a pair of the black skinny jeans by Georgia May Jagger which are slightly high waisted and have lace up side seams (they were in Vogue a couple of months ago I think). But it's getting a bit close to summer to be buying black jeans, so maybe i'll have to wait until autumn.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A paler shade of black

Just a very short post to show you my new nail polish! I popped into town today as mum had booked me a Clinique appointment to sort out which products I should use for my skin, becuse I literally use nothing on it at the moment! While that was happening I was sat opposite the Chanel counter and noticed that they seemed to have way more nail polishes in than the last time I looked, so when I was done I went over to have a look. There was a 10% price match on plus I get my discount (this was in John Lewis) so I thought I would get one while the price was so low. The lady behind the counter was really lovely and let me try a few colours on my nails, and in the end I went for 'Black Pearl'. From a distance it looked like a dark green but it's actually more like a dark silver; I don't know if any of you have watched 'Red Riding Hood' but it looks just like Solomon's silver fingernails. I really like the colour but I must say i'm not especially impressed with the quality of the polish so far, it seems really watery so it's hard to get it neat. It also took ages to dry so I kept knocking it, which was even worse considering it took two coats to get the colour even and strong.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Jumper Rework

I must say this isn't my favourite outfit ever, but I wanted to find something else to wear this Karen Millen jumper with so felt a need to experiment. I sort of like it with these shorts but they are a bit baggy so I have to wear a belt, which I really don't enjoy for some reason. It was also quite chilly on this day so I wore some over the knee socks, but I think they made the outfit look a bit washed out and weird. It also meant I had no idea what shoes to wear!I am so obsessed with these little hoopy earrrings right now! They were from a set of about 12 pairs from H&M for £1.99 so obviously aren't the best quality, but they sure aren't the worst. When I wear them I feel like a cross between a pirate and one of those 2 year old chav kids who have their ears pierced pretty much at birth, which I think is a pretty funny thing to feel! I really want to get my ears pierced again, either another in my lobe or my cartilage on my left ear. I am on study leave as of today and don't go back for a month, so inbetween my exams I'm determined to post more regularly- I have several things to show you (including things I've made and things I have bought). I have my more revision heavy exams first but they will be over by thursday so definitely after then things will get busier around here!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Colour/Attitude Inspiration

I wish I could take all of these photos and turn them into a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes. They sort of sum up the person I wish I was more like; if I were braver my hair would definitely be half blue!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Right Royal Wedding!

Okay so when I said "there will be a royal wedding post to come soon", I didn't intend for that to mean "in a week or so". But time has flown, quite possibly because of my art exam on thursday and my own laziness. So I am very sorry, and I shall try to keep this post from rambling because there are lots of photos in it- yes that's right, I took photos of the royal wedding on my tv screen.....what?! I was very excited, and had just been filling in my royal wedding sticker book (for which I have finally found someone to trade doubles with!).

Anyway, I watched the entire programme from 8am-3pm and loved it all. Obviously the moment the whole world was waiting for was when we go the first look at Princess Catherine (oh my gosh that sounds so weird, I'll stick with Kate from now on)'s dress. I think we all knew it would be Sarah Burton for McQueen really, if you're going to marry a prince then why wouldn't you? We were discussing in my textiles class what we thought the dress would look like, we mostly agreed it would be long sleeved and feature lace. I'm so glad it wasn't strapless, I swear nearly every modern wedding dress it like that and it's just so dull. My favourite part was the veil, it was so delicate and the lace edge was so pretty too. I think there was some sort of folding detail on the skirt at the back but I couldn't see it properly.

Anyway I will stop myself from rambling and just let you look through my photos of the day!Didn't Pippa Middleton look stunning too? I thought her dress looked beautiful on her, but without upstaging Kate in any way.The maple trees! At first I was like why on earth did they put trees in the abbey, but after a few minutes I got used to them and I actually think they were really sweet.My grandad came round at 1 o'clock and we had a tea party in the garden, surrounded by bunting (you can only see half of it in this photo). We had the tv in the conservatory quite loud so we didn't miss when they all came out onto the balcony.

I didn't get any photos of the bit when William and Harry arrived at the abbey but I thought they looked great too, even though William is losing hair rapidly!

I go on study leave for my AS exams in one weeks time so i'm hoping to get more outfit photos for you on the days when I don't have exams. I always feel weird trying to take outfit photos when my family is home because for a start I feel vain, and also they can be pretty judgemental on my outfit choices sometimes!