Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Having A Ball

I'm sure that I said ages ago I would post photos of my ball dress but then I completely forgot, so here they finally are! It's a vintage 80's dress which I bought from a fair in Norfolk for £25, worn with some long vintage gloves from a charity shop for £5. All in all a cheap outfit, which was good since the actual ticket was pretty expensive! The food was also awful, but that didn't bother me too much because this dress is pretty tight; I could do the zip up fine but it wasn't exactly comfortable. Whilst I know quite a few people lost some weight before the ball, if I so much as think the word 'diet' my body panics and I have to eat everything in sight!
The dress itself is navy blue with a v-shaped bodice, and the hem falls just above my ankles. The skirt is also navy blue but has black polka dot netting over the top- cute! Unfortunately the netting got ripped at some point in the night, I assume it got caught on something, but it's not like I'll ever wear it again anyway.This is the 'official' looking photo from the night, i'm on the right with two of my friends. Can't say it's my favourite photo ever, but oh well. The dress worn in the middle is the girl's mum's bridesmaid dress from her wedding in the 80's. Also, I just made a tumblr for those of you who are interested! I'm not sure that I chose exactly the best time since i'm in the middle of exams and should be doing lots of revision, but with any luck I won't turn into one of those depraved tumblr obsessives who go into hibernation whenever the site goes down (though this appears to happen to all users, so I guess it's inevitable). I will obviously still carry on posting as usual here, but my tumblr will be more of an inspiration board rather than me saving photos from across the internet.

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