Friday, 13 May 2011

Jumper Rework

I must say this isn't my favourite outfit ever, but I wanted to find something else to wear this Karen Millen jumper with so felt a need to experiment. I sort of like it with these shorts but they are a bit baggy so I have to wear a belt, which I really don't enjoy for some reason. It was also quite chilly on this day so I wore some over the knee socks, but I think they made the outfit look a bit washed out and weird. It also meant I had no idea what shoes to wear!I am so obsessed with these little hoopy earrrings right now! They were from a set of about 12 pairs from H&M for £1.99 so obviously aren't the best quality, but they sure aren't the worst. When I wear them I feel like a cross between a pirate and one of those 2 year old chav kids who have their ears pierced pretty much at birth, which I think is a pretty funny thing to feel! I really want to get my ears pierced again, either another in my lobe or my cartilage on my left ear. I am on study leave as of today and don't go back for a month, so inbetween my exams I'm determined to post more regularly- I have several things to show you (including things I've made and things I have bought). I have my more revision heavy exams first but they will be over by thursday so definitely after then things will get busier around here!

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