Saturday, 14 May 2011

A paler shade of black

Just a very short post to show you my new nail polish! I popped into town today as mum had booked me a Clinique appointment to sort out which products I should use for my skin, becuse I literally use nothing on it at the moment! While that was happening I was sat opposite the Chanel counter and noticed that they seemed to have way more nail polishes in than the last time I looked, so when I was done I went over to have a look. There was a 10% price match on plus I get my discount (this was in John Lewis) so I thought I would get one while the price was so low. The lady behind the counter was really lovely and let me try a few colours on my nails, and in the end I went for 'Black Pearl'. From a distance it looked like a dark green but it's actually more like a dark silver; I don't know if any of you have watched 'Red Riding Hood' but it looks just like Solomon's silver fingernails. I really like the colour but I must say i'm not especially impressed with the quality of the polish so far, it seems really watery so it's hard to get it neat. It also took ages to dry so I kept knocking it, which was even worse considering it took two coats to get the colour even and strong.

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