Friday, 23 July 2010

Temporary Hiatus

Just to let you guys know, i'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to Yorkshire for the annual family holiday! It's only for one week though, at a little cottage owned by a family friend, so hopefully I will have plenty to blog about when I return. The cottage is surrounded by woodland and fields, and apparently all of the nearby villages are full of vintage and antique shops! Sounds like my kind of holiday! So until I return, have a great week guys :) xx

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Only Human

Last saturday (17th) I went to London with a friend to a 'film and comic con'. It was my first one, and prior to arriving I'd assumed it would be something similar to the expo I went to in October '09 with the same friend; lots of anime related stalls selling posters and merchandise, with some voice actors too. But boy was I wrong! This event was more centred around the people attending it as opposed to the shopping, which was great as it meant there were loads of actors and actresses. I'm not someone who is particularly good with actors, like I wouldn't watch a film and recognise people from something I'd watched previously (unless they were super famous or hot, obviously), but even I recognised almost half of the people there without even having to read the poster behind them. I can't say I'd always know their real name, but I knew who they had played in movies/tv shows. To name a few there was;
Laurent (Twilight), who looks really different and strange without dreadlocks, especially as he wore sunglasses and a red hat, so without the poster I have to admit I wouldn't have known who he was.
Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter), who I actually got really excited about when I saw him haha. But he looked so much older in real life, which I guess is down to the short stubble and lack of large teeth- I didn't even know they were fake until my friend told me!
Annie, Mitchell and George (Being Human)- these were the most exciting three I think, who most of the people at the show had gone to see. My friend originally wanted to go so she could get this voice actor to sign her DVD, but when we found out about these three it was waaaay more exciting! All three look really gorgeous in real life, even more so than on telly (even Russell who playes George is pretty good looking), and are so lovely! You had to pay for their autograph so I didn't get one but my friend got all three and each of them were so sweet and nice.

Russell Tovey (George from Being Human), had to crop my friend out of this for privacy hence strange shape!
Aiden Turner (Mitchell from Being Human). My friend paid for a proper photo with him, so she got to meet him twice in the end. Soooo jealous!
Lenora Crichlow (Annie from Being Human). Totally beautiful.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Bicycle Club

Finally, after months of longing, my mum managed to find me a pair of cycling shorts! Oh the joy when she pulled them out of the Next 'sale' bag.... They are great for wearing under skirts, as it means you don't have to worry so much when bending down. And if you've got the legs then you can just wear them with a top for a more sporty look, or even dress them up à la Alexa Chung at the Chanel A/W '10 show (I think?).
Originally I wanted plain black ones, but as the only place I know of where they are sold is on Oxford Street i'm more than happy to settle for lace ones! I tried to channel some of the Alexa vibes by layering them over black tights, but i'm not sure whether or not that really worked haha.
This shirt has to be one of my best ever buys in terms of the amount of times I've worn it. Whilst it cost £22, which is quite a lot compared to my other clothes, it's so versatile and easy to wear that I can't imagine life without it any more! The top has also been a really good buy for around the same price; it's meant to be a top but it's long enough on me to class as a dress. Finally, a positive from being shorter!
Last saturday I went with a friend to a film and comic con in London and saw some gorgeous actors, but that's coming up in the next post. But if you love Being Human, you'll be jealous!
shirt+ top- Topshop, cycling shorts- Next, belt- H&M, brogues- New Look

Friday, 16 July 2010

Car Park Catastrophe

Ok, well maybe that's a little dramatic. But still, a friend and I had planned a photoshoot on top of the multi-story car park, and we'd been there for about 5 minutes when this guy appeared telling us we couldn't shoot there without permission. We had to go back down, and this guy stalked us all the way, it was creepy haha. So instead we went around the back of the cathedral, and people round there actually smiled at us as they walked past which was lovely.
All photos taken either by myself or my friend Holly. (I'm the one in the photos with just one model, for those who don't know)

These last two are my favourite, I took them on my way home when I saw the light and quickly got my camera and tripod out again.

dress-Topshop, brogues-New Look

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


First proper post coming soon, can't say I really know how to start a blog seeing as it's my first one. All I know is that posts will most likely be irregular and photography/fashion based :)
As for me, all i'll say is that I live in Peterborough (England) and am currently on summer break before starting my a-levels. I love fashion, but being a young student I obviously can't afford anything designer (boo!) so my wardrobe mostly consists of high street and vintage.
Currently i'm lusting over rings, floral trousers and wedge heeled ankle boots, although due to my lack of funds after buying myself a Canon EOS 450D I doubt i'll get much anytime soon!

dress- Monsoon,bag + belt + boots- vintage