Tuesday, 13 July 2010


First proper post coming soon, can't say I really know how to start a blog seeing as it's my first one. All I know is that posts will most likely be irregular and photography/fashion based :)
As for me, all i'll say is that I live in Peterborough (England) and am currently on summer break before starting my a-levels. I love fashion, but being a young student I obviously can't afford anything designer (boo!) so my wardrobe mostly consists of high street and vintage.
Currently i'm lusting over rings, floral trousers and wedge heeled ankle boots, although due to my lack of funds after buying myself a Canon EOS 450D I doubt i'll get much anytime soon!

dress- Monsoon,bag + belt + boots- vintage

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  1. gemmma!!!!! yay i'm so glad you have a blog!! :) meeeee too, only i only post some stuff i make. :) i also have a private one just for me and my family, but i'll facebook you the link. :DD

    ps. i love that photo! ^^^