Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Right Royal Wedding!

Okay so when I said "there will be a royal wedding post to come soon", I didn't intend for that to mean "in a week or so". But time has flown, quite possibly because of my art exam on thursday and my own laziness. So I am very sorry, and I shall try to keep this post from rambling because there are lots of photos in it- yes that's right, I took photos of the royal wedding on my tv screen.....what?! I was very excited, and had just been filling in my royal wedding sticker book (for which I have finally found someone to trade doubles with!).

Anyway, I watched the entire programme from 8am-3pm and loved it all. Obviously the moment the whole world was waiting for was when we go the first look at Princess Catherine (oh my gosh that sounds so weird, I'll stick with Kate from now on)'s dress. I think we all knew it would be Sarah Burton for McQueen really, if you're going to marry a prince then why wouldn't you? We were discussing in my textiles class what we thought the dress would look like, we mostly agreed it would be long sleeved and feature lace. I'm so glad it wasn't strapless, I swear nearly every modern wedding dress it like that and it's just so dull. My favourite part was the veil, it was so delicate and the lace edge was so pretty too. I think there was some sort of folding detail on the skirt at the back but I couldn't see it properly.

Anyway I will stop myself from rambling and just let you look through my photos of the day!Didn't Pippa Middleton look stunning too? I thought her dress looked beautiful on her, but without upstaging Kate in any way.The maple trees! At first I was like why on earth did they put trees in the abbey, but after a few minutes I got used to them and I actually think they were really sweet.My grandad came round at 1 o'clock and we had a tea party in the garden, surrounded by bunting (you can only see half of it in this photo). We had the tv in the conservatory quite loud so we didn't miss when they all came out onto the balcony.

I didn't get any photos of the bit when William and Harry arrived at the abbey but I thought they looked great too, even though William is losing hair rapidly!

I go on study leave for my AS exams in one weeks time so i'm hoping to get more outfit photos for you on the days when I don't have exams. I always feel weird trying to take outfit photos when my family is home because for a start I feel vain, and also they can be pretty judgemental on my outfit choices sometimes!

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  1. kate is just stunning. and i watched as well the whole morning tv, from 9 to 3.
    haha, even i'm not from the uk. :D