Tuesday, 1 March 2011

London Fashion Weekend

Last sunday I went with mum to London Fashion Weekend, which is basically a big designer shopping event held at Somerset house at the end of Fashion Week. There are five different types of tickets you can get, depending on what you want (entry, entry + showbag etc.); we went for the entry plus catwalk.To be honest the shopping wasn't all that amazing, some nice Michael Kors heels but I don't have any occasions to wear heels. Being the last day of the event it didn't seem too busy, although when we were going into the catwalk area there seemed to suddenly be hundreds of people- each seating area of the bench was tiny too! Someone called Zara (I think she's a presenter?) hosted the show- I absolutely loved her outfit and hairThere were four sections to the show, the first had the theme of 'Black Swan' so there was lots of black and white, and lots of lace and frills.
The next section were all designs by Bora Aksu- I have to admit some outfits did seem a bit dull but some of the dresses were really cool and looked kind of like they had body organs on the outside in an alien-y way! I didn't take photos of every look from the catwalk, only the ones which looked nicest to me.
The third theme was 'Colour Blocking', which got me excited when it was announced as I really like this trend. The stylist had chosen to go down an quintessential english route but with bright colours a la Christopher Kane. If i'm honest this was my least favourite part of the show because the colours weren't as bold as I thought they would be- some were quite pastel-y which I really wasn't sure about. Still some good looks in there though!
There was a big gasp from the crowd when this model came out....And so to the final section which was without a doubt my favourite- and i'm sure it was everyone else's too! These were a selection of Mark Fast's designs; basically lots of fringing (fringeing?), lots of cutouts, and everything was skin tight! Absolutely stunning, I adored everything I saw, although I wasn't quite as keen on the dresses with the big jewels on. I want multi coloured fringing!!
This was his wedding dress design to close the show. Quite possibly the most beautiful dress I've ever seen in real life. That model was SO tall though, which made her look even thinner!
Don't they just look stunning all lined up together!


  1. ohhh these look amazing dear!!

    thanks for commenting on my blog too, your so sweet :)

    following yours now <3

  2. wow i really love that first colour blog outfit with the jumper and rolled up trousers!