Sunday, 27 March 2011

That Mysterious Material

This is the outfit which I wore yesterday before the school ball. I bought the shorts on thursday after much debating in my head about whether to or not- they were £15 which I think is a good price and I adore the shape. The fabric feels like a cross between suede and silk (I know, that sounds very weird), so they are really light and comfy too. This girl in the hairdressers actually said to me that she loved them and asked where I got them- they must be good! I've owned the shirt for about two years but have never worn it because it just didn't seem right, but I think that the colours work well together. I don't know if you can tell from the photos but the shirt is navy blue with small lilac polka dots. Normally I would wear a plain long sleeved top or body suit with anything high waisted, but I took these photos just before I left to get my hair done for the ball so I needed to wear something which didn't go over my head!

shorts- H&M, shirt- Tesco, shoes- Topshop, bag- Grandma's, necklace- Accessorize, tights- White Stuff

P.s. I love how my hair looks here, the naturally blonde highlights stand out so nicely. I'm still considering dip dyeing my hair a sort of blonde/ombre colour.

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