Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Vintage Shirt And A Handmade Cape

Today was actually rather busy for a change, starting at 9:00am when I had an appointment with the hairdresser for a trial run of my hair-do for the school ball in a few weeks. It took quite a long time because my hair is so thick and he had to curl it all first! Straight after that I went to Cambridge with mum (hair still all fancy!) because we'd seen there was a vintage fair being held there. It was really busy and kind of hectic but things were quite reasonably priced and I found a beautiful white shirt and various earrings (below). There were individual earrings for 50p and none had backs but seeing as I had spares at home anyway I got a couple; I especially love the green one in the photo below. The shirt has pleats down the front and is slightly sheer, but the best part is the embroidery around the collar and cuffs! I honestly could not believe my luck, I've been searching on the high street for quite a while now for a nice white shirt but none of them have been good enough. And this beauty only cost me £8!
When I got home I went out for a while to take photos of my finished textiles project, for which I made a cape. The deadline is on friday so i'm glad to have completed the actual garment but I still have lots of coursework to do- it's going to be a bit hit and miss as to whether anyone in my class gets it done by then to be honest! We have already had an extension on the deadline once so it shouldn't be too bad. I had to take these photos for my evaluation and was actually surprised at just how warm and comfy my cape is! Sorry that there are lots of similar photos but I will cut them down more later. The cape is made from tweed with laser etched leather pockets, a suede collar and fur trim around the hood- the lining is silk which I hand painted myself. You can also see my new bag which I bought in Cambridge! It's lovely and big, and the best one I've seen other than the Mulberry ones. Thankfully this one was much cheaper so mum said I may as well have that for a year or so and then when I know what i'm doing in terms of university etc. I can always think about upgrading.

cape- made by me, bag- Mischa Barton, shorts- vintage, shirt- vintage, tights- GAP


  1. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a pretty ring from bobbins & bits if you'd like to check it out. :) x

  2. omg i love that you made the cape by yourself :)