Sunday, 6 March 2011

Outfit Filler

Just a little post for you today, hopefully I'll get back into posting more often because I do miss it! I already can't wait until easter and summer breaks because then I actually have things to definitely write about and I'll have more time for outfit photos- at the minute I just wear my school uniform most of the time and quite boring things at the weekend.

dress- H&M, top- River Island

I bought this dress last summer because I thought it would be good for lazing about in, as it's really thin jersey fabric and the navy colour is pretty versatile. Unfortunately I didn't really wear it much because I don't think it looks right with tights and we had a fairly cold summer! But the other day I went to town with mum and we were wandering around River Island (I forget why- I don't usually shop there!) and this little top was on the sale rail. I can't say i'm in love with the gathered sleeves because they are just so common now, but the fabric itself is pale pink, quite sheer, and with small pinky polka dots all over it- cute! It was mums idea to layer the two items together like this and I think that because they're both so thin it really works.

It's a pain right now that it still gets dark quite early because I never get to take outfit photos outside, but as it gets further into spring and summer that will hopefully change! My mum knows all about my blog now (she kinda knew before anyway, but she forgot) so I won't be so sneaky with my photos, haha!

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