Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Batoko Vintage Store

The lovely Melanie of Yes I Dress, a blog I only recently discovered, is running a giveaway right now, giving readers the chance of winning lots of lovely bits and bobs including a handbag, hair grips and earrings. To enter you simply have to go to her online vintage store Batoko, select your three favourite items, and write a post on your blog explaining why you like them. So, here is my entry! Why not enter yourself as well here, and follow!Oversized silky shirt in blush orange Okay well this is definitely by far the best shirt I have seen in forever. Obviously the colour is stunning, as it's not too bold but still not pastel-y, so perfect for the colourful summer trends. The breast pockets bring just the right amount of military feel to the shirt, and the floppy collar stops it from looking to 'sharp' or structured. I think the shirt looks great with shorts, so I would personally pair it with my high waisted blue denim shorts for a colourful beach outfit!Oversized purple floral vest top Again, the colours- wow. I adore the duskier colours in this top, which to me make it feel more autumnal even though the material and actual garment look summery. And also, the orange again! I think orange suits me much better than red or most other bright colours, because my skin sometimes looks quite red in patches. I really like how the top drapes when it's knotted at the front, so I would probably wear this late summer around town, preferably with a floor length maxi skirt (even better if the skirt is partially sheer and/or pleated!).Knitted pink cape/poncho with fringed tassels Well, I this is just the cutest bit of knitwear. I don't think I own any pink clothes, so this must change soon! The shade is lovely and dusky, and I can just imagine myself dancing around a campfire like a little girl wearing this and some pyjama shorts and vest top. (Well okay I never go camping, but if I did I would wear this!). I think the tassels just make it, I am constantly fiddling with anything hanging off my clothing (e.g. beads on scarves) so this could keep me occupied for hours!

On a side note after the 'official' entry, aren't the sunglasses worn with the vest top just stunning!? I really fancy some round sunglasses, though i'm sure that where I live I would be made fun of no end by various chavs. Hey ho, they can keep to their trackies and I will have the sunnies!

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