Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rescued Film

Several weeks ago, in fact probably months ago, my film camera stopped working right in the middle of a photoshoot. To say I was gutted would be an understatement, as I had bought film cameras before which didn't work and I knew my parents wouldn't let me 'waste' money by continuing to try and shoot film. So imagine how happy I was the other day when I randomly decided to test it out, and it was working again! I had only used about 4/24 photos but I wanted to get the roll developed to make sure the camera was working properly, so I ended up taking lots of photos in the garden and at Hunstanton. This is one of my chickens called Stella- sadly she was ill and died about 2 days after I took this.Can I be really vain for a moment and say I love this photo? Yes, I think I can. Especially after looking through photos of the sixth form ball the other day (I still haven't shown you photos of that actually, must do that at some point!), at which I think I looked awful.Various photos of myself and my brother at Hunstanton, which I took just to finish the roll really. They are a bit pale (especially the first) because it was too bright for the film, which was ISO 200.

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