Friday, 8 April 2011

Razor Sharp

Today was the last day of school before the Easter holiday's so we finished at 12:30, so I thought I'd show you this shirt which I bought yesterday. I had seen it before when I was looking for a white shirt but I shunned it because of the shoulders- as you can see in the pictures below they are very pointy! However Topshop have a sale on right now and it was reduced to £3, and as I seem to really like white things right now I just couldn't leave it. It is a size 12 so it's a bit big, but I discovered today that if you undo a few buttons and tie it up at the front it looks a bit less baggy. I'm still not sure that I'd actually wear it out, not like this anyway because I don't have the confident for tiny shorts plus belly showing! But i'm sure I can find a way to wear it that doesn't involve so much skin and still looks nice. Maybe even just putting a jacket on to hide the huge shoulders?
shirt- Topshop, shorts- vintage, shoes- New Look, necklace- Accessorize


  1. Wow - I think it is stunning! You look great and should definatly wear it out. You have NOTHING to worry about as far as showing your tummy goes! But when I wear short tops and don't want my midrif on show I put them over a dress. That might might work with your shirt.
    C x

  2. Aw thank you lovely! I have actually since cut up this shirt so that it is cropped- i'll be sure to take some photos soon x