Friday, 15 April 2011

Stripes vs. Stripes

Often when I find a great piece in a charity shop I will get it, but then not know what to put it with. This was definitely the case with this Karen Millen jumper which I found in a charity shop at an animal shelter. I'm not sure when it was made but it has a very 90's feel to me (maybe late 80's) as it's a bit cropped, so sits just above the hip bones roughly. This is an awkward length because it's too short to wear with jeans without exposing yourself, but a just a bit too long to wear with high waisted skirts or shorts. This morning I decided it was finally time to sort myself out and find something to wear with the jumper, and I remembered these trousers which I bought a couple of years ago for work experience. The jumper does still hang a bit lower than would look best so I tucked it in, and I must say it's a very comfy outfit! Ideally I didn't want to wear it with black because I don't think it makes bright colours look so good, but it's not too bad.
Jumper- vintage Karen Millen, trousers- H&M, shoes- Monsoon, bag- Mischa Barton

It is a little crazy I must admit, but also pretty cool! You can't see very well from the photos but the seams between patterns are turned outwards (if that makes sense) and on the right arm (the smaller stripes) the seam twists around the arm.
I love how well this bag goes with my shoes, the colour is almost exactly the same and they both have gold studs- a perfect match!

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