Friday, 11 February 2011

A Day In Birmingham

Just a short post today :) I went to Birmingham on wednesday with a friend for a PR 'Masterclass' at Aston University, but this didn't start until 1:15 so we went shopping at the Bullring first. I'm quite proud to say that I didn't spend anything (except lunch), although we only went in a few shops and most of those have branches where I live anyway. I went in Forever 21 for the first time ever, and to be honest I was pretty disappointed with it. I had expected it to be really cool and exciting but it felt a bit like a cross between Primark and New Look i.e. a little bit cheap and not amazing quality. But then I got home and saw on someone's blog an amazing pair of shoes- from Forever 21! So who knows, haha.

dress (mums)- Topshop, cardigan- Topshop, boots (mums) Next, bag- Principles

Quickly snapped this in the Zara changing room while my friend was trying stuff on, it's not the most exciting of outfits but it was practical and relatively warm so it was good with me. Note the Tesco bag full of food, for lunch and the train home!

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