Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Inspiration and an Apology

Let's start with the apology shall we- sorry I haven't been posting for a while! There isn't really an excuse for this, I just haven't had anything much to write about and don't want to bore you senseless with random posts. To be honest I still haven't got much exciting going on, it's half term and I have work to do but nothing seems to be happening, so I decided to just share some pretty pictures with you! I don't know the source for some of these so let me know if it's yours and i'll add creditThe Mullberry Alexa of course, just found out John Lewis sell them so I could get discount. If only I were super rich.... image from johnlewis.com
Been looking through my wardrobe and it's a mess, some clothes don't even have a home any more! I think I need to seriously re-organise. image from style bubble
No idea where this is from, but I would love to just buy loads of artificial flowers and tape them to my wall. This is now included in my plan for my future house, along with a large wall covered in different old mirrors image source unknown I really, really fancy dip dying my hair. I'm almost certain it won't happen but I would love to have pink, purple or blue tips. image origin unknown I love the lavender, rose red and silver. image source unkown- tumblr somewhere I think
All of these four photos above are by Ann He, shot in film. I hope this doesn't sound awful but I do wish I had tall friends with long hair like this who I could use as models! Obviously I love my friends as they are anyway and don't want to change them one bit, but I hope you see what I mean! images from annhe.com

Just looking through photos on my laptop and found this drawing which I did of my grandma's dog for her- I took this photo to put on here and then totally forgot about it! Nothing too exciting or fashion related but I was quite pleased with how it turned out, especially as I did it straight in pen so couldn't rub anything out.

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