Wednesday, 10 November 2010

When I was on holiday in York back in the summer I found a Minolta film slr at a car boot sale for £5, and I was desperate to use it straight away. But I spent ages using up the first roll of film, and then when I was winding it back up it snapped and so I accidentally wiped everything. I decided to have another go, but this time I would use up the film quickly just to see if it actually worked. This time I took the whole camera into Boots and the lady showed me what I had done wrong the first time (there's a little button underneath that you have to press to release the film!), and lucky for me the film turned out well. These are some of the photos I took last saturday morning at a photoshoot with my friend for my a- level art project, and I thought I would share. I'm crazy busy at the moment with art work, but as it's being collected in this friday to be marked I won't be able to do any this weekend, so hopefully i'll get some blogging done! I miss being here!dress from Jack Wills (mine, I styled her)
dress from Topshop

I used to collect minerals, and I needed to use up the film roll, so I arranged pretty things inside an old suitcase.

I officially have the coolest friends ever, at the (late) Halloween party I went to last saturday my friend had carved a Harry Potter face onto her pumpkin! It's also the cutest little face ever, a double win!

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