Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Counting Down To Autumn

I haven't bought clothes for quite a while now, nothing that I've been really excited about anyway, and I think I've realised why. I was worried that I didn't like fashion as much any more (this would be a big problem since I've only looked at fashion courses at university!), but actually I think it's because I just don't like any of the spring/summer trends. Obviously bright colours are everywhere, and I do like how the clothes look but as soon as I try anything on it just looks awful! So I have concluded that i'll have to sit this season out in terms of trends, and instead i'm looking forward to autumn. Earlier I looked through Elle and Vogue's pull out guides to the new season and made a list of what I want to do/ wear.In case it's too hard to read:

A/W checklist

-burnt umber wrap dress- Topshop- like Bottega Veneta

--> too long? try it on

-knee length pencil skirt @ J.Saunders

--> burgundy with black leather waistband, Topshop

- buy/make choker- velvet ribbon? not too chunky

- sturdier shoes, maybe creepers? wedge sole- black

GROW FRINGE!! don't give up

- wear red lipstick more

-maybe buy cheap extensions, plait + make earrings?

- somehow find lots of cheap black sequins + beads to cluster over black socks

- thick eyebrows- use the pencil

--> will look better with no fringe! v. Swedish

-fur gilet- either wear or adapt + then wear!

--> could attach to the black leather arms?

-muted colours, jewel tones, black- forget brights!

Are there any trends that you're particularly looking forward to for autumn/winter, or any you'll be avoiding?

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