Monday, 17 September 2012

Things a student shouldn't be buying in freshers week:

A clutch by Christopher Kane! I know I shouldn't have but it was reduced from around £395 to £140 including p&p, which nobody can deny is a huge reduction. And Kane is by far my favourite designer, I really could not resist. Online shopping is dangerous and in future I will avoid it like the plague!
However this morning I got a call from my mum and apparently I've won the prize for textiles from my secondary school (based on A-Level results), and the prize is £100! So that makes me feel better since most of my little splurge has been covered :)

This colour is called 'chocolate', and I would have ideally preferred the green and blue one but hey for that price i'm happy! It's so fun, definitely something i'll keep for ages so never mind.

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