Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bonjour Mes Amis!

Oh my gosh I didn't realise it has been a whole thirteen days since my last post, so major apologies! I have been away for five days though, on a sixth form art trip to Paris with my school, so I thought I would share a few photos from the trip. They are a bit of a mish mash of various thingslike buildings, landmarks, and sneaky street fashion. We went to loads of places on the trip, mainly art galleries like the Louvre, Rodin, D'Orsay, L'Orangerie and Montmarte, but then also a few other places like the Eiffel Tower and Cite Europe (at Calais). We didn't get to do that much shopping other than buying postcards to go in our sketchbooks, but there was a Zara at Cite Europe which I think almost every girl on the trip bought something from!
I'm hoping that i'll get time to do some more outfit posts soon, I really miss them, but a- levels are so much work! Especially art and textiles, they are crazy. I have a six and a half hour shift at work tomorrow because I took on extra for half term, so I am gonna be so tired. But I really hope that I'll get some more stuff on here soon! Oooh and also I got some heels today for the sixth form ball (not until February but I need my dress altering in the next few weeks before the lady goes on holiday)- they're black wedges and I love them! The upper is suede and the heel is patent, and they only cost £20 from Dorothy Perkins, literally the first and only pair I tried on. I may take some photos of those to show you soon!

I love how my new lens gets my good focus like this. The shutters on french windows are so cute!
Candid photo of a girl in year 13 outside a small gallery on the first day.
I got my friend to take a photo of me outside the Louvre- this was one of my favourite oufits from the trip, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the other one I liked. Candid one of my friend taking a photo, I love symmetry!
From the left: Holly, me (Gemma- I don't think I actually have my name on here?!), Celia. Outside the Louvre.
The pyramids outside the Louvre. Proud of myself for getting this shot so quickly, I do love the colours though.
These birds just seemed to be everywhere!
One of my favourite photos, candid of a woman looking at the paintings in L'Orangerie. I just love all of the tones in it. Disneyland!!!
Yes, we did go on the Dumbo ride to start with, because we are definitely children.
Just on the way out of the 'It's a Small World' ride, which was totally cute with lots of puppets and singing. We went on this ride too, it took us about an hour to queue but there were eight of us at this point so we could just chat. It was pretty awesome though, and a decent length for a rollercoaster I think (I don't exactly have much experience though!). The things you sit in (carriages?...) looked like trucks behind a train so it was really cool. We found a Starbucks in Disneyland, obviously everyone who went on the trip ended up in there drinking various types of coffees, hot chocolates and frappuccinos. All these cute little birds were on a bush outside the Notre Dame, this was probably the best photo I got but one of my friends got one which was 1000000000x better!
This was inside the Notre Dame, I didn't realise that she knew I was taking a photo focused on her until I saw her smiling through the viewfinder. So lovely :)
All photos are completely unedited

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  1. i was in paris last year just before christmas, it is so beautiful! these photos are perfect