Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Secret Life Of Blogging

Today I found out that a few people at school had found my blog by searching something in google (not looking for my blog, but the words were mentioned in a post). My first thought was 'oh great, now i'm going to have to delete that too', but then I really thought about it. When I created my blog I wanted it to be something completely separate from everything else in my life, something which could help me to meet new people and share my style. I have a flickr too and a while back lots of people found it, as well as my friend's, and she got a lot of stick for some of the photos she had on there. My blog was something which was solely mine, a place where I could be completely open without having to worry at all about what people would say.
Now that people at school know about it, it could turn into a big thing where people are just laughing at me. But do I really care? I mean, I'm pretty sure that I want to work in fashion, which is super competitive and fierce, so shouldn't I just 'man up' a bit? Sure, I could just delete my blog and start a new one, but that isn't what I actually want. This blog helps me to develop my style and see what does and doesn't work, and along the way I can share it with other people. It's not a very old blog (yet), but i've still spent time on it, and I don't want that to go to waste just because of a couple of people at school seeing it.
So i'm keeping my blog, just as I have been all along. If people start talking then i'll just have to ignore it, or actually stick up for myself. I've now told two friends about my blog, so at least I can talk to them about it; although I didn't give them the URL and they didn't ask. What about you guys- have you told people about your blogs? If so, how many? Have any people accidentally found your blog who you didn't want to, and if so what did you do?

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  1. I can relate to this, back in year 10 I had a blog & a lookboook & I got so much crap for it from people at school. I kept my blog anonymous so no one knew it was me but obviously people saw the lookbook. It seriously sucked, I hate how petty people are at school its ridiculous. I ignored it for a while but I ended up deleting my account. Anyway now I don't care about any of that stuff, it helps a lot being in college but I try not to care about what people think of me & I don't hide my flickr or tumblr anymore (I have them displayed on my facebook). The only thing I feel a bit self concious about is my blog. I guess you just grow out of it? Sorry if this is really wordy & unhelpful haha. All my best friends have blogs & so they know about mine, no one has told me (so far) that they've found this blog & if they did I think I'd just be like, so what haha. Hope that helps a bit :)