Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Clothes Show Live '10

(I started this last night, so I actually went to CSL yesterday)
Each year the textiles department does a gcse and a-level trip to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, and I wasn't intending to go this year originally since really it's just shopping and a fairly un-fashion focused catwalk show, but I thought I may as well! Finally an opportunity to wear non- uniform on a weekday, so I took some outfit shots for you. I bought this jumper from Topshop yesterday; my mum found it originally and I actually really like the shape. Normally I dislike clothes which just have one row of frills right at the bottom because I don't think they look that flattering, but I think because it's such a light knit it hangs really well so it works!
jumper- Topshop, scarf- charity shop, jeans- mini Boden

And now onto what I bought! I only spent £16 altogether which i'm really pleased about, since i'm going to London this saturday so it means I have more money to spend then. This vintage belt was only £3; it's a sort of burgundy colour made of rubber, but it's really long so if I wanted to wear it through my jeans i'd have to put a couple more holes in it. I prefer to wear it around my waist knotted like this: I also got a necklace for £3 which is quite cute, it reminds me of the one in the Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign if you guys know what i'm talking about? It's not exactly the best quality necklace around but it was only cheap so I don't mind, it's just a bit of fun really. There were several different designs like flower fairies and dolls, but I preferred the pin up type ones (though they had more clothes on than actual pin ups, otherwise i'm not sure mum would approve of my wearing it!).
Two for £5 on Barry M nail varnish, I wanted some lilac anyway so I thought I may as well get some of this brown colour- it looks just like chocolate which is weird! I'm kind of wondering why I actually bought that brown now since really I only wanted the purple, but I was probably tempted by the bargainous prices haha. Maybe in the christmas holidays i'll actually have time to do my nails really nicely with patterns and stuff, and I can use it over/ under another colour.
And now onto what was undoubtedly the best bargain of the day. As soon as I saw Henry Holland's new collection for Pretty Polly I knew that my favourite design was the lacy pattern tights with opaque block sections, but it seemed to be that in every shop I looked in they stocked every design except this one! I saw this Pretty Polly stand at the clothes show and thought i'd just take a look, thought to be honest I expected them to either not have them or that they'd be sold out. But they weren't, and now they're mine haha! The best bit? These are £12 in stores, but I only paid £5 for them because wednesday is discount day at the show, AND they came with a free pair of HH socks too! I'd seen the socks before in River Island and considered buying them, but at £10 I really didn't think it was worth it (those ones were in black and the gold chain pattern was around the calf). There were a few different options for which socks you could have so I went for these grey ones which have the chain around the ankle. I'm going to London on saturday so I want to wear one of these purchases- probably the socks over plain tights since it'll be cold.
The tights even had this warning/advice on the pack to prevent you from laddering them, which is super helpful since when I got some HH tights from his first collection they got ripped the first time I wore them! I am pretty bad with tights in general actually, especially the natural and black ones I wear to school as last year I managed to ruin at least a pair a week.


  1. which day did you go to clothes show live? haha sorry, the first bit confused me a little. :) I went on the monday, with the textiles department at the school i go to! :) haha.

  2. Ahh the dates and times are all messed up on these posts, so I actually published this on the 9th, but I went to the clothes show on the wednesday (8th). Sorry I confused you! x