Thursday, 30 December 2010

Clogs Or No Clogs?

A couple of days ago I popped into town with my parents to briefly check out the sales, so of course that included Topshop. I was really looking for a nice top since I seem to be lacking in that department, but after just a few seconds of looking at the sale rails I realised that really all that was on them was stuff that nobody wanted, and almost all of it was just weird or overpriced. Seeing as the shoes are over the other side of the shop and are almost always ridiculously expensive I never really look at them, but this time I did and I bought myself a pair of clogs. I was pretty surprised that there was anything in my size to be honest seeing as i'm a 5 and that seems to be the most common size. I've only ever bought two pairs of heels before in my life and they have been for balls (proms?) with school, so I really wanted to get a more casual pair. These were £60 full price which I would have never ever paid because they aren't particularly great quality, but they were reduced to £20 which I didn't think was too bad. They're only about 3 inches high and there's a platform in the toe so they aren't too hard to walk in, but i'm not sure whether to keep them or not. I know they were totally in fashion a couple of seasons ago but now I can't tell if they are just really weird and old ladyish. What do you guys think? I'd really appreciate your opinions! I'm sure if paired with the 'right' things then they would look good, but i'm also very aware that they could just look strange. I'm quite short (5'4" ish) and i'm not sure if heels this chunky and low will just make that more obvious. So far I think they look best with either a short dress and black tights, or with jeans with turnups so the ankles are showing.It took me a while to find this magazine issue since it's from March so was almost at the bottom of my pile (plus I didn't know if it was Elle, Vogue or Marie Claire), but I knew Alexa Chung was on a cover wearing clogs at some point. Hers are Chanel so obviously are far far superior to the ones I bought, but hey I can pretend mine would look that good! This does convince me more that clogs can look really cool rather than frumpy and weird, although mine do have lower heels than hers so that probably affects how they look a lot. I'm still not wholly convinced, but I must say that they are very appealing to me even though they aren't strictly in fashion any more.

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