Sunday, 2 January 2011

Some New Resolutions

  • actually comment on people's blog posts, rather than just reading them. Because I began reading blogs long before creating my own I was never able to comment, so now it rarely even enters my mind even though I often see posts I love!

  • do not eat too much before march, so that I still fit in my dress for the school ball. It's 80's vintage and only just fits really because of my massive hips so I can't afford to put on any weight, haha.

  • save up money for uni, or to invest in a designer handbag or small accessory. By the way, I read something on tumblr today where someone said she only owned four designer items, then listed them as being from Hollister, Abercombie and Fitch, and Joules. I had considered these to all be high street shops- albeit more expensive ones?!

  • do more photoshoots on film, including ones in a garden centre and in a car park.

  • don't fail my AS levels!

Have a great year everyone :)

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