Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tshirt Desires

As I may well have mentioned before, if there's one section of my wardrobe which is lacking excitement then it's the top department. I have shirts which I wear often but they aren't the smartest, and plenty of tshirts which again are ok but a bit plain. So when I looked on Froken_Fashionista and saw that she had bought a tshirt I thought I'd check the store out, because it must be pretty cool if a girl who ususally wear dresses buys something from there!
click on the image for a larger view of everything in the store
The store in question is the Tshirt store, and the top below is the one which Amanda bought. I think it's probably my favourite from the store- the combination of red+Coca Cola+Chanel is just awesome! All tshirts are the same price (£28 plus p&p) which is pretty good, but I can't decide if it's a bit too much to pay for what is essentially a very basic item of clothing, or whether it's a staple which is worth investing in! It would definitely be an item to get people talking, that's for sure.
As a slightly plainer and probably easier to wear option, this top would be good I reckon (although possibly more suited for autumn/winter because of the colours). I do really like this tshirt but i'm not sure that i'd pay £28 for it- it's even more basic than the one above!

As soon as I decide on what to have as a header, the look of this blog will be changing! Also, I just booked myself onto a four day illustration course at Central Saint Martins in easter- so excited!!

And also thank you to all of you for actually taking the time to read my blog :)


  1. I bet you'll love CSM, I did a photography course there in august and it was the best week of my summer!

  2. I am SO excited! It looks like a great place to be, and any experience is good right now in terms of uni prep.