Friday, 28 January 2011

The Third Step!

This is the third and final photoshoot for my AS art coursework outcome. I'm using three images from each shoot and printing them onto fabric (white cotton, which is a detachable 'lining' I made for this dress), and then decorating on and around them with thread and pen. I'll take photos when it's done- it's too hard to explain! I think I almost collapsed yesterday because of a lack of sleep combined with me spending literally all of my time outside lessons in art doing my final. I was meant to be going away to visit relatives this weekend but luckily now i'm staying at home to do my art, so i'm much less stressed today!

By the way, this blog design probably isn't permenant but I just wanted rid of that dark background


  1. you look so gorgeous - love that flaming red hair of yours x

  2. This isn't me, it's my friend, but she is really pretty :) I want her hair!