Monday, 31 January 2011

Finally, An Actual Outfit!

For a 'fashion' blog, outfit posts sure seem to be rare around here. I blame my school uniform and my laziness, as most of the time when I get home from school I just can't be bothered to get changed. This particular outfit is from saturday, when I didn't want to wear my work uniform on the bus home so I got changed. It was absolutely freezing, but I wanted to wear something which didn't involve changing out of my tights.
top- Zara, shorts- H&M, socks- White Stuff (christmas present from parents), brogues- New Look
This ring was a Christmas present from one of my mum's friends who lives in Scarborough, so it only arrived in the post the other day. I love it! Generally i'm not a fan of rings made from beads because they're uncomfortable to wear and well, kind of cheap looking. But I love how this one looks like a fluffy pom pom from a distance, and that blue colour is gorgeous too! I don't really have any clothes in this colour but I would love a floaty skirt or dress for summer.

Ohh and guess what- me and mum are going to London Fashion Weekend! :D


  1. london fashion week :o
    how exciting! :D
    love your outfit

  2. Ohh I have that ring just in cream :)

  3. nice blog ! and I really, really like your photos ♥