Sunday, 5 August 2012

First vintage haul of England

Now that i'm properly settled back in England (although i'd still rather be in Milan), I got a craving the other day to visit the charity shop. I never really went regularly because I'd always see something that I couldn't afford, or I wouldn't have money for at the moment then next time it would be gone. But I swear this particular charity shop is the best thing about Peterborough; it's two storeys, three rooms full of womenswear, menswear, accessories and a bit of homeware. It is a specialist 'vintage and retro' Sue Ryder charity shop so prices are slightly higher than in 'regular' charity shops, but it's worth it because you always find something amazing. 
I walked in and went straight to the shoes, and found the most perfect chunky Kickers ever; they were like men's deck shoes crossed with builder's work boots, but with a heel. I almost died with happiness, then I saw they were a size 4 and I really died, in a bad way- i'm a size 5. I tried but they were definitely too small, so reluctantly carried on. In the end I bought a mid length slip and a pair of chunky black patent leather heels. These photos were obviously not planned for the blog since I just took them in a mirror (my mum's- mine is too dirty!), but oh well you get the idea. 


denim jacket, mid length slip and shoes- charity shop, slip skirt (worn underneath)- mum's

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