Monday, 6 August 2012

Milan Part 2

I will try not to write too much since this post has lots of images, but sometimes I can't help but narrate because a) not everyone has been to/knows Milan, and b) I had an amazing time.

 This is during the daytime (obviously) but I was in this square at like 3am once with the girl I was staying with, and it was PACKED full of people all sitting down chatting, drinking and smoking. It was like a festival, or Camden or something, seriously such a cool place
This is in the same area- those columns are Roman and behind them all along the street are the coolest shops like American Apparel (I spent too much...), other alternative clothing stores and tons of skate shops.

 The camouflage bag was actually the bag they gave you in the shop for your purchases, not just a naff plastic one! And the pot contains natural yoghurt and sliced banana- my afternoon snack.
 Later that evening (after I met up with a certain gorgeous 23 year old Milanese boy...) I had dinner outside D'uomo sat at the base of a lamp post. Then this other Milanese man came over and starting chatting to me (late twenties, maybe 30)! I swear men in Milan/Italy are much more forward, but in a nice charming way.
 I did get a bit sick of panini (in Italian panino=1, panini= plural) towards the end of the month, and my host mum gave me a pack of 4 mini yoghurts one day so I bought a fruit salad to go with them. It was delicious!
 Managed to get a huge bruise on my thigh (may have been related to the gorgeous boy.....!!)
 Awkward selfie in the office when no-one was around!
 My balcony on the last day, about 20 minutes after I woke up. I was so sad to leave so I took tons of photos.
 This was my favourite place to hang out around the house, lying down on my balcony listening to my iPod. My flight wasn't until the early afternoon so I spent most of the morning of the last day here, crying because I really, really did not want to come home! Even now if someone offered me a place to stay/ another internship in Milan, I would go tomorrow.
 Aaaand back at King's Cross. Considering I came home on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and had to travel across London with my suitcase, it wasn't all that busy. Before this trip I never drank coffee but as soon as I got back I had a cappuccino from Pret, and as you can see I went to American Apparel at the train station. Oops! I will have to show you what I bought soon, it's in the wash at the moment.

I really hope this post wasn't too long or boring for you guys, I did try not to babble on too much! 

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