Saturday, 4 August 2012

My summer so far (Part 1)

Okay so whilst I know I still have no proper excuse for not blogging for so long, but I do for July. Because I was in MILAN (!!) doing WORK EXPERIENCE with a FASHION DESIGN COMPANY (!!!). As you can perhaps tell this was super exciting! Four whole weeks living with a Milanese family, working full time at Krizia. It was heaven (eventually, after a few days of adjustment), and by the end I really, really didn't want to leave. These are just a few of the photos I took; I have more to upload but I thought it would be less heavy to have 2 separate posts.
 This was my room in the 'lake house' a bit outside Milan, where we went for the first weekend when I arrived.
 And this is the view from my balcony at the apartment in Milan- I was so lucky because I had my own balcony, bathroom with a shower and even a separate front door which went straight into my room. The family were so relaxed and let me come and go as I pleased, which was awesome! That's the part of being back home i'm struggling with now, as I don't have as much freedom (can't wait for uni!)
 This is the office where I worked, my desk is at the front of the photo.
 I had a roasted vegetable and mozzarella panino almost every day for lunch from a kiosk near work- so yummy! Also there was a gorgeous guy who worked there which may have had some influence on my choice of lunch venue (we had a bit of a thing actually, but I won't go into details here!)
 I had to go to lots of Rotary dinners since they organised my trip; this is the view from one which was at the top of a hotel.
 You can tell it's a fashion office when there's a huge mirror in the room for no reason.
 At the weekend the family took me places sometimes- this was a beautiful place on the edge of a lake, very similar to Brighton with all the hotels but as you can see it was much hotter!
 I just loved the font used on this hotel/restaurant.
 We went to an island called Isola Bella where there was a huge house and garden, with white peacocks!
 This is the garden. I mean seriously, people lived here. It was so stunning!
 Again, refer to previous comment.
 The next day we were sunbathing and swimming in the lake, and I got VERY burnt! 
 This is what the corridors of Krizia look like- very sleek, not like my usual style but I got used to it!
 These places actually exist, and they have every magazine you could possibly want.
 I ran (not very often), and combining the heat with being tired anyway after exercise, I ended up verrry red and sweaty. A bit gross!
 This is the galleria which goes between Piazza alla Scala and D'uomo- very fancy
 D'uomo, Milan's biggest landmark
 My friend Emily (on the left) was on a 3 week trip around Europe with her older sister so we met up for the afternoon, which was lovely.
 One weekend evening I bought a pot of couscous and walked to Arco Della Pace (photo below) and ate my dinner there, it was so nice to just sit there.
 Hope that wasn't too boring for you, look out for part 2 sometime soon!

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