Sunday, 5 September 2010

Autumn Cleaning

Sorry that this post contains so many photos again, I promise the next one will be much shorter! This one was just to show you guys some photos of my room, which my mum and I have gradually been changing over the past few months- but by making and adapting things ourselves, without spending much money at all. We're both quite crafty and I've just done gcse textiles, so really there was no excuse to not do things ourselves! My room used to been quite modern looking, but I decided I wanted it to look more old fashioned and 'vintage' (vintage meaning I wanted to make things using genuine vintage fabrics, not the so called 'retro' stuff some high street stores sell!).
In the photo below you can see the headboard, which used to be metal and generally modern. Well, it still is but we've covered it with an old throw and then sewn an old curtain over the top. It's not particularly neat from the back, but seeing as my bed is always pushes against the wall I don't see how that matters! The three pictures above the bed also used to be all brightly coloured, from when I went through a crazy 60's hippy phase, but I covered them with blue paper and images of interiors from magazines. I also used to have a silver blind and a pair of those curtains which were really 'in' a while ago- the cream ones with huge brown/black/silver flowers? I never really loved them, but now we've swapped them for an old pair which used to be on the landing. We also found a net curtain in the blanket box which we then pushed a garden cane through and wedged underneath the pelmet. Not the most professional way to do it i'll admit, but I still love it!
My wardrobe is gradually getting covered with photos from flickr members, paint cards (who knows why?!) and various other postcards. The purple plastic on the left is actually packaging from issue 2 of Pigeons and Peacocks magazine, and says "It's always darkest before the dawn/ But things are going to be just dandy, I promise/ Warrior queen, you're looking fierce".
The chair and hat boxes were all brought down from the loft, the thing on the wall is wrapping paper from john Lewis, and the cushion cover was found in my grandad's house. The dark paisley fabric was a bargain from Hunstanton- it was worth £24.00 per metre and we got 3.5metres for £7! It was the end of the roll.
You can't see too well here and I forgot to take a more detailed photo, but on the larger chest of drawers I've sewn little fabric covers for the handles to make the modern furniture stand out a bit less. I still need to do them for the other drawers and wardrobe, but it's a start! Also on the middle drawers the lamp shade is from the loft and the picture was from a charity shop.
Okay yes, I do have a lot of bags and scarves. But I only ever use one of about five bags, and really only ever scarves when it's cold. I haven't actually bought bags for a while apart from a couple, I've had most of these since I was about 12! I really need to find a better place to keep my necklaces, instead of on the door handle.
Phew, last photo! I finally organised all of my magazines; the bigger stack are all Marie Claire, the smaller one is Elle and Vogue, and the books stood up to the right are uni prospectus'. I had more but chucked them away, and i'm still no closer to knowing what I want to study! I've managed to put my fabric in the baskets underneath, which is way better than the three bags i've been keeping in my room.
Gosh, sorry again for how long that was! Tomorrow is the first day back at school after about three months with no lessons. I'm starting sixth form and a-levels, which i'm actually really looking forward to. What i'm not looking forward to so much are the clarinet lessons (and grade 7 exam in Novemeber, eek!), and the new people. I've met some and they're lovely, but my best friend from primary school is moving to my school and i'm worried it'll be weird. After all, I have new friends now, and I just don't know how it'll be. But hey, i'm sure everything will work out fine :)

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  1. wow grade seven! love your blog :)