Monday, 13 September 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World- and more

So first of all, i'm really sorry I haven't posted for so long! I went back to school last monday, so I've just started my A- levels and I have so much work to do already. I swapped maths to textiles, plus i'm also doing art, physics, classical civilisations and general studies- altogether lots of work! But anyway I shouldn't complain, after all it was self inflicted and I knew how much work it would be doing art as well as textiles. On another note, we rescued some rats yesterday! I don't think I mentioned on here but the rat we found in our garden (Monty) died 3 weeks after we got him, which was really sad and everyone was very upset. These two are both 18 months old, called Alice and Bella- we didn't name them haha!
Anyway, sorry that there aren't any photos in this post but I thought I could do a mini film review for you, just as something different. Last friday I went to the cinema with a friend to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and let me just say it is the best film i've ever seen! I don't know that it's something which would appeal to everyone, really it's more of a geeky cult thing, but that suited me just fine! I'll try and get through this without giving away any spoilers, but really it's more the overall feel and effect of the film which is great as opposed to the storyline.

aaagh something stupid just happened where I said 'publish post' and half the post got deleted! that is so annoying.

Basically, it was a bit like an old game e.g. Zelda in the sense that the fights were so unrealistic and at the end he got 'points' for defeating the ex's! They even played the Zelda music in the background at one point. Sorry but i'm too tired to re-write the whole post now, basically it's a great film to watch with your friends or a boyfriend, but your parents probably won't get it. Me and my friend came out wishing we had cute geeky boyfriends- you would think with the reputation my school has there would be plenty but actually there's none!
Hopefully i'll get back into blogging regularly, but there will definitely be less outfit posts because nobody wants to see my school uniform!

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