Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Views And Perspectives

Just a massive photo post to show you some of the photos I took last night with mum for my art sketchbook. The topic is 'Views and Perspectives' so we tried to take some where the setting stayed virtually the same but through posing and movement etc. the mood of the photo changed, and so your perspective and interpretation of what it showed changed also. Overall there were around 160 photos, and I think i'll print them off as a contact sheet to show the process I went through in choosing the best ones. Some look a bit silly, but I do really like some of these- especially the ones towards the end by the tree.

I uploaded the last one to flickr too, because I particularly like the framing of the two trees. For the last ones by the tree I changed the white balance so that the photos had a more blueish hue, to look colder and more emotional.


  1. hi doll! i just a saw your comment and wow i feel so honoured that you went through all my blog!! i also feel i have to apologise as the posts must have got a little crazy near the end when i was so young and looked so different!!! haha they are so rusty! your comment made my day, i'll bookmark your blog to check out when i get back off holiday! have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. aww thank you! i was worried it would sound quite sad and scary that i read it all, but i really do love it!
    have a lovely holiday, your comment made my day too! xxx