Tuesday, 31 August 2010

All Tied Up

Today's outfit. I didn't go out anywhere today but I think that's the best thing- if i'm at home all day I can wear what I like without worrying about how it looks! I haven't worn these leggings since I got them because at the bottom there's a thick band of lace which sort of sticks out weirdly, but I love the colour so i'm trying to find things to wear them with. I think lilac is a great colour but it's quite hard to wear. I also quite like tying this shirt up at the front but leaving the back hanging long, just because it's something a bit different. I think it brings a little bit of a summery feel to the outfit! You can't see very well in the photos above but the skirt actually has this subtle pattern all over it. I'm not sure what you'd call it though, it's not exactly brocade but the pattern is all raised and kinda textured. I got it from the Clothes Show Live last year in the vintage section, I think it was around £10? I bought it for work experience (I was in a school) but it's a nice shape and I don't own many black items of clothing so i'm going to try and wear it more this autumn/winter.

shirt- Topshop, skirt- vintage, leggings- John Lewis, necklace- Fat Face


  1. There was a top this style in the charity shop opposite peacocks that was sleeveless, black and had white spots + the tie at the front, i think it'd reeeally suit you. i like this outfit! im sure you have like the coolest fashion sense.

  2. Super chic outfit!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!