Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Big Day!

So, yesterday was gcse results day. After feeling totally fine and not too worried for the whole of the holidays, I had a bit of a last minute scare on monday evening when I suddenly realised that if I had done really, really bad in the final exams then I may not have got into the sixth form of my school, and I hadn't even applied to anywhere else! Luckily I needn't have worried, I found out that I got 6 A*'s and 8 A's!! So so happy about that, I even managed an A* in textiles which I never expected at all. This is what I wore to collect my results, along with my brogues and a short trench style coat.
top- H&M, short- thrifted, tights- Jack Wills

As a sort of reward to myself after exams I went into town with a couple of friends for lunch and allowed myself to actually spend some money! Only at the charity shop though, obviously. The first thing I saw as I walked through the door was this Warehouse shirt in a size 10. I'm sure I remember seeing the same one actually in store not all that long ago, which may have been what drew my attention to it. It is a little tight around my chest and the buttons do bulge a bit if I move my arms weirdly, but other than that it fits pretty well. I really like it buttoned all the way up for a more quirky look.

shirt- thrifted/originally Warehouse, everything else- as before

Also bought some leopard print bows from H&M, because I don't have many hair accessories.

hair bow- H&M

Best buy- a pair of boots! £3.75 from the charity shop. I have similar ones which you can see to the right in this photo but they have little heels, so I though as these are flat they would be more practical for walking on days out and such like. Mainly, as usual, I was thinking about the art trip to Paris in October! I now have plenty of clothes and shoes to keep me comfy yet relatively stylish whilst walking around loads of art galleries and museums.

boots- thrifted

Mum took me for a haircut in the evening, and they straightened it so it looks really long! Sorry about the rubbish photo but I only remembered to take one right before I went to bed.

This necklace also arrived in the post today, a free gift from one of my lovely flickr contacts along with two prints of her photos. I don't have many short necklaces that aren't too chunky, so i'm sure i'll be wearing this one lots!
dress- Jack Wills, cardigan- H&M

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