Monday, 30 August 2010

Snappy Snaps!

Just a quick, simple post to show you a few of the shots from the two shoots I've done recently. The first was very quick with my brother in Norfolk last weekend, in a field which had been cut down. It was actually raining at the time and the settings kept going wrong on my camera so I had to do the same things like three times!! My parents were picking blackberries from the hedgerows whilst we were doing this- public ones, don't worry we weren't stealing! We actually used them with some of my grandad's apples to make a pudding for tonight. When my brother was taking this I was actually yelling at him to get a move on because the sign wasn't exactly thick and was cutting my butt in half. Not pleasant!
I was trying to make this photo look all old and film-ey, but i'm not sure that really worked.
These were from last week when I met up with a friend for a little shoot in some woods in Marholm. Luckily it didn't rain, but I didn't take very many shots. She definitely got better ones than me, but that's a given because she's so amazing!

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  1. ahh gemma, i love the one that you've made into "film" it just looks so cool! flickr?