Monday, 16 August 2010

The Perfect Bangle

Back from a rather windy weekend from Hunstanton- thinking about blogging even on the beach! ^ Hopefully this means I'll get into the habit of blogging more regularly...

I don't usually like candid photos of myself, or generally many photos of my by other people, so I really had to post this one taken by my brother when he hijacked my camera on the beach. Not only is it candid but i'm actually smiling and showing teeth which is something I would never have done a couple of years ago because I was so self conscious about my teeth. The reason for this was that my two incisors (?) are pointier than most peoples, so I thought that whenever I opened my mouth people were staring which obviously wasn't true. Although once at primary school I did have one younger kid come up to me in the playground, point at my teeth and say 'aaaaagh a vampire!' and then run away! It didn't particularly offend me at the time, I just laughed, but maybe that's part of the reason I was so self conscious??

The charity shops at Hunstanton always seem to have one or two good things in them, although they're mainly just accessories seeing as I don't think I've ever bought clothes from them. This bag is for me and mum to 'share', although I think it's quite likely that I'll use it more than her! I normally only use cross body bags but I liked the subtle pattern in the leather, plus for some reason i'm really attracted to red accessories lately. I don't really like the white stitching but it's not too obvious from a distance, so I'll just learnt to ignore it. Another thing which appealed to me with this was the folding over top- I won't lie, I was thinking of that Mulberry Alexa bag! Ohh what I wouldn't do to have that bag!

I think this is one of the best things I've ever found in a charity shop! I used to be obsessed with jewellery and base my entire outfit around it, but for the past couple of years I just don't seem as bothered about it. I have a couple of simple necklaces which I wear often, but other than that having anything around my wrists or neck just seems to annoy me. I noticed this a couple of months back and decided that I had to find some cheap yet good quality vintage jewellery. Thing is, since then I've seen none whatsoever in the charity shops, and in 'proper' vintage shops in London everything is so expensive! But then yesterday I happened to glance over at the jewellery section in one of the charity shops, and alongside the usual bought-in cheap looking bangles was this beauty! It's fairly old and worn, and looks a bit like a mini tapestry around it. I've actually worn it every day since I bought it, which is saying something for me as it just goes with everything in a strange way. And it only cost £1.50! I don't think my love for charity shops will ever fail me....

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