Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Treading The Boards

Today me and my brother went for a little bike ride with my camera to check out a possible new location which I had walked past before, but never properly investigated. In the end we only got to spend about ten minutes there because we got a phone call from dad telling us that mum wasn't happy about us going out, so we had to go home and clean (boo!), but I still managed to get a couple of fairly decent photos.

I got about three takes to do this one before we ended up leaving, but they all turned out surprisingly well compared to previous running photo attempts. My hair is growing out a bit more now which is great, especially for photos. This photo in particular reminds me of some of Hello Mr Fox's outfit shots, which by the way I loved!
I love my camera for giving me such clear skin, haha. Although wind is not a friend of my fringe, unfortunately it always seems to go silly just as the shutter is released! This photo shows my top better, which is one of the items I got from a charity shop on holiday. I'm so lucky because it fits me perfectly, which doesn't happen to me very often and so I've worn it lots! It's only a vest top so is really meant to be summery, but I've worn it a couple of times over a plain grey long sleeved top which looks just fine for autumn. My wardrobe doesn't change too much with the seasons, so this will be a lovely way to put some floaty-ness and fun into my winter outfits :) I love how the pattern looks sort of digital and pixelated, and yet something still reminds me of a more traditional celtic pattern?! It's originally from Topshop, and i'm sure I remember it in shops only last spring or something?! I'm sure it would have been over £20, so i'm super happy I only paid £3.50 for it! Charity shops are just the best things ever right now.
top- thrifted/originally Topshop, cardigan- Boden, shorts- Warehouse, tights- John Lewis, shoes- Marks and Spencer

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