Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hoot Hoot

Bit of a self promoting post here i'm afraid haha.....but not to sell stuff, just to show you these little owl plushies which I made this week. Okay so yes I am selling them, but that isn't why i'm writing about them I promise! I just think they're super cute so it would be nice just to show you guys some photos of them. The one on the right is the first one I made and was more of a test go really to see how well it would work, but I think it's turned out fairly well anyway. The left is my favourite though and I'll be sad to let it go if i'm honest, because it goes so well with my room and is just so sweet! I'm sewing them completely by hand and using only bits of fabric which I already had, either scraps of vintage or cut offs from clothes which I've had to take up. They do take quite a long time to sew, but if I did them by machine they would 1) not be as neat and 2) not be as lovely and handmade. edit: I actually started this post yesterday and since then someone has said they want to buy the plushie on the right- YAY!
These plushies are made almost entirely from scraps of fabric which I already had; the only parts I bought were the trim as 'feathers' on the body, the buttons used for the left hand plushie, and the stuffing. A lot of the fabric is actually just offcuts from clothes from charity shops, like the main body of the one below is from a skirt which I took up and sold to a friend, and the floral print on the one above is from another skirt which I took up for myself.
Check out these cute little buttons below! I bought them a while back to possibly swap onto a jacket, but in the end I didn't use them and they are just perfect on these plushies. The roman numerals are like a clock face, and I made sure to sew them so that the 12 is at the top just like a real clock. I don't know what other people think, but as far as i'm concerned they're just adorable!

I have also made one more plushie since I took these photos which is quite blue with a pink gingham background and a denim section around the eyes- it reminds me of something old american style, but maybe that's just an English stereotype haha!

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  1. ntaw, so cute ! i could never make one like that.