Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

This is yesterday's outfit, although I have to admit I didn't wear these shorts all day because they really are very tiny, and so not so comfy for sitting down in! I bought them not long ago on holiday, mainly because I wanted some high waisted ones but not those which have lots of buttons like a corset. Though these are indeed very short, I still love them. I was debating with myself whether or not to sell this bodysuit/leotard yesterday, because although I do really like it, I never know what to wear it with. It's ever so slightly big on my around the belly, so the excess fabric does make me look a bit larger, but I really do like the pattern along the sleeves. I think for now i'm going to keep it, but if I haven't worn it much in the next month or two I'll have to let it go.
I got this backpack from a car boot sale on the second day of holiday, and I was just so happy when I spotted it! A few weeks before then I had gone to a show with my family and there was a stall there selling leather backpacks, but they were around £40 each and I don't have that much money to spend on something which isn't really essential. But this one only cost £4, and the leather looks like it's in pretty good condition without scratches or anything. I think it'll be really good for the art trip to Paris in October, because it's so strong and I can put all my art materials and camera in it for walking around lots and lots of museums and galleries!
These boots have been so great, I found them in a charity shop at Hunstanton for mere £2.50! Every time I've worn them since people have asked me where I got them, and is it bad that I kind of like saying that they were thrifted?? Haha, i'm one of those people who hates it when people have the same stuff as me, not because I want to stand out or anything but I would just rather my clothes only belong to me.
I'm staying at Hunstanton again this weekend until monday, so who knows I may find some other good things on the charity shop crawl with mum!

bodysuit, shorts, boots, backpack- all thrifted, tights- H&M, socks- Topshop

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  1. I love that backpack! What a find. I was looking for something similar, but have only seen really expensive ones in the shops.

    Lots of love Christina x