Friday, 20 August 2010

Bang Bang Jewellery

I am having some serious jewellery cravings right now. Mainly, I want unique jewellery with minerals (or gemstones, same thing to me haha). I found these rings and earrings on etsy and my brain just screamed 'I NEED THOSE RIGHT NOW'. My absolute favourite is this purple 'agate slice' ring- the bright colours and huuuge-ness of it just make it completely amazing to me. I just love the clash between the bright purple ring and the red nail varnish. I actually have a slice similar to the one below from back in my manic-gemstone-collecting days, except it's slightly smaller and green, and was considering doing a DIY with that. Thing is i'm a little scared about ruining it and getting glue everywhere; maybe this week i'll have a look in town and see if there's anywhere selling a basic double ring which I can glue it onto. I only have about three rings at the moment and I don't wear them very often at all, so something like this could be great for parties as something to jazz up a basic outfit with. This one looks like a slightly smaller and less 'obvious' version, possibly more sophisticated even?? I can see this working with an entirely neutral outfit, like a cape and tapered trousers. But because it's still pretty big it would really bring everything together and add some interest to what could be a boring outfit. Ahhh there I go, planning my a/w outfits around clothes which I don't have and probably never will! I think it's best that way for now, at least until I have money to buy clothes with and places to wear them to. Although I think on tuesday after getting my results (aaaah!) i'm going to go on a charity shop crawl around Peterborough town centre and if I see anything I like under £10, i'll just buy it as a well done to myself for (hopefully!) doing well. And if I don't do well, then i'll just say it's something to cheer me up!
If only I had my ears pierced, I would wear earrings like this all the time. They look as easy to wear as the fake pearl earrings everyone has these day, but still be slightly different so that you feel a bit more special in the day.
I wanted to get my ears pierced in year 5 in primary school, but in the end my friend did and I didn't and my mum just seemed to suddenly forget all about it. I'm thinking about maybe getting them done for my birthday this year though, because i'm always seeing cute earrings and wishing that I could wear them. But then I get scared and think 'what if I don't like wearing earrings, or I get an ear infection or something?!'. I'm like that too often really, whenever it comes to things that I can't change back straight away if I don't like it- like my hair! Who knows, as it isn't my birthday for a while yet (December!) maybe i'll become more confident in my appearance and finally take the plunge.
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