Friday, 24 September 2010

See Right Through Me

I am so so sorry that I haven't posted for ages! I am such an awful blogger. Well, finally the other day I bought this sheer shirt from H&M which I have wanted for ages, but I've never quite had the guts to buy. It wasn't expensive, but I had very little money so I wanted to make it last- now I don't have to worry so much because I've got a job! But anyway back to the shirt, it came in black, green and white. I decided on black because it seemed the most versatile, and also the least see through! It is quite long on me but really I think i'll only ever wear like a cardigan or tied up at the front over high waisted shorts or a skirt, like below. The fabric is so so nice though, it's not too thick or stiff or anything like that, just lovely even on bare arms. I'm still quite a fan of doing shirts up to the top button in a sort of geeky-but-not-wearing-glasses way. These shorts were wayyy too tight last time I wore them, which was on gcse results day, but since then I think I may just have lost a tiny bit of weight off my thighs, making them actually slightly wearable! Although I still can't really sit down for long... I think that this shirt will be good in autumn and maybe winter for layering up with cardigans and scarves- so far this year I haven't been on my layering game at all. Must get some practice in asap!

shirt- H&M, shorts- thrifted, hat- mum's vintage, black tights- Boots

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